Court Case Record Uchenna Aguoji vs. Harvard University & Harvard & others 2009-P-1786 UID(d135)

Uchenna Aguoji vs. Harvard University & Harvard & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2009-P-1786

Case Number2009-P-1786
Case TitleUchenna Aguoji vs. Harvard University & Harvard & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date10/14/2008
Close Date09/22/2010


Uchenna AguojiPlaintiff/Appellant
Robert Stuart Ludlum, Esquire Andre A. Sansoucy, EsquireHarvard University & HarvardDefendant/Appellee
Eva M. Badway, EsquireRobert MoscowDefendant/Appellee
Samuel Adams Aylesworth, EsquireCambridge Police DepartmentDefendant
Eva M. Badway, EsquireCambridge District CourtDefendant/Appellee
Nancy M. Reimer, EsquireScott MatsonDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
09/30/2009 #1 Notice of appearance of John F. Rooney III Robert Stuart Ludlum and Andre Sansoucy for Harvard University.
09/30/2009 #2 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by President & Fellows of Harvard College.
09/30/2009 #3 RE#9 The motion is allowed and the appellees are given leave to file a supplemental appendix with the appellee briefs. Notice
09/30/2009 #4 Notice of appearance of Nancy M. Reimer and Constance L. Martin for Scott Matson.
10/14/2009 #5 ORDER: No action is necessary on the motion to dismiss filed November 18, 2009 as the City of Cambridge, the Commonwealth and their employees are not parties to this appeal; the appellant's notice of appeal states he "is not appealing the dismissal of claims against the Commonwealth, the City of Cambridge, their agencies or employees."
10/16/2009 #6 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Scott Matson.
10/20/2009 #7 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix (1 vol, 7 sets) for Defendant/Appellee Harvard University & Harvard College.
11/09/2009 #8 Placed on May non-argument list.
11/18/2009 #9 Under consideration by Panel. (MC S SK).
11/18/2009 #10 Decision: Rule 1:28 Judgment affirmed (MC S SK). Notice. (See image on file.)
11/19/2009 #11 Copy of DAR application of Uchenna Aguoji.
11/19/2009 #12 Motion to extend time to file petition for rehearing, filed by Uchenna Aguoji.
11/19/2009 #13 RE#15 The issuance of the rescript is stayed until September 13, 2010, and the plaintiff is given leave to file the petition for rehearing in the Clerk's Office before the close of business on September 10, 2010.
12/01/2009 #14 Motion to accept petition on the date of filing filed by Uchenna Aguoji.
12/03/2009 #15 RE#16: Allowed. (McHugh, Smith & Sikora, JJ.) *Notice.
12/07/2009 #16 PETITION for Rehearing, filed by Uchenna Aguoji.
12/09/2009 #17 ORDER: Denial of petition for rehearing. (MC S SK, JJ.) Notice/Image
04/29/2010 #18 RESCRIPT to Trial Court.
05/28/2010 Affidavit of indigency, filed by Uchenna Aguoji.
08/12/2010 RE#1: Treated as a motion to waive filing fee and allowed. Appeal is entered this date. (Cypher, J.)
08/30/2010 Entered.
08/30/2010 Notice of entry sent.