Court Case Record Turner v. Scicon Technologies Corp. et al. B260881 UID(0642)

Turner v. Scicon Technologies Corp. et al. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: B260881

Case NumberB260881
Case TitleTurner v. Scicon Technologies Corp. et al.
Case TypeCV
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address2nd Appellate District
Field Date
Close Date12/21/2016


Caryn Brottman Sanders
Law Office of Gary M. Weinstein, APC
25548 The Old Road
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91322

Gary M. Weinstein
Law Offices of Gary M. Weinstein
25548 The Old Road #220962
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91322

Norman Pine
Pine Pine Freeman Tillett, LLP
Robert John McKay
Law Offices of
225 South Lake Avenue
Suite 1400
Pasadena, CA 91101

Scicon Technologies Corp.Defendant and Respondent
Stephen J. Tully
Garrett & Tully, P.C.
225 South Lake Avenue
Suite 1400
Pasadena, CA 91101

Thomas J. BulgerDefendant and Respondent
Stephen J. Tully
Garrett & Tully, P.C.
225 South Lake Avenue
Suite 1400
Pasadena, CA 91101

Marie BulgerDefendant and Respondent
Stephen J. Tully
Garrett & Tully, P.C.
225 South Lake Avenue
Suite 1400
Pasadena, CA 91101

Bradley S. BulgerDefendant and Respondent
Docket (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
12/23/2014 Notice of appeal lodged/received. 12/19/2014 Peter Scott Turner
12/26/2014 Filing fee. Check# 1690 for $775
01/09/2015 Default letter sent; no case information statement filed.
01/20/2015 Case information statement returned for correction. The order or judgment being appealed is required. A renewed proof of service is required. The CIS may e-filed.
01/22/2015 Civil case information statement filed.
02/10/2015 Default re: 8.130(b) rptrs fees not deposited rcvd. dtd.
02/10/2015 Appeal dismissed per rule 8.140(b).
02/23/2015 Motion filed. by appellant to vacate dismissal
03/05/2015 Order of dismissal vacated. THE COURT: Good cause appearing, the order of dismissal filed February 10, 2015, is vacated and the appeal filed December 19, 2014, is reinstated. Appellant is granted relief from default by his/her failure comply with California Rules of Court, rule 8.130, for failure to provide deposit for fees for the court reporter's transcript. Appellant shall, within 15 days from the date of this order, deposit or pay the reporter fees as required by rules 8.130 with the superior court. Compliance with this relief order is to be performed in the Los Angeles Superior Court at 111 North Hill Street, Room 111, Los Angeles, California. Appellant shall take immediate action to cure the default and, under no circumstances, shall appellant take more than 15 days to do so. If appellant fails to cure the default in a timely manner, the Clerk of the Superior Court shall immediately notify the Court of Appeal, and the appeal will be dismissed without further notice.
05/08/2015 Record on appeal filed. C-5 (1095 pages), R-1
05/19/2015 Record imaged.
06/12/2015 Association of attorneys filed for: Appellant-Law Office of Gary M Weinstein associates Pine & Pine
06/15/2015 Record omission letter received. Appellant dated 6/15/15 Missing the following: 1. Notice of Ruling on Demurrers by Defendant Bates, filed February 4, 2014, enclosed as Exhibit 1. 2. Plaintiff's Opposition to Defendant Scicon Technologies, Corp.'s Motion to Strike, filed June 30, 2014, enclosed as Exhibit 2.
06/15/2015 Motion/application to augment record filed. Appellant's motion to augment record on appeal.
06/17/2015 Letter sent to: ***NOTICE RE: RULE 8.155(b) (8.340(b)) - BRIEFING STAYED***
07/21/2015 Supplemental record/transcript filed. C-1 (80 Pages)
07/24/2015 Augmentation granted. (See order.) The Motion to Augment the Record on Appeal filed by Plaintiff and Appellant, Peter Scott Turner, is granted. The Court hereby augments the Record on Appeal with the documents described in the motion and attached thereto as Exhibits A-K.
07/28/2015 Stipulation of extension of time filed to: Appellant's opening brief. Due on 10/19/2015 By 60 Day(s) 10/19/15 to file aob
09/21/2015 Requested - extension of time Appellant's opening brief. Requested for 11/18/2015 By 30 Day(s)
09/28/2015 Granted - extension of time. Appellant's opening brief. Due on 11/18/2015 By 30 Day(s) ext aob to 11/18/15 NO FURTHER
11/25/2015 Appellant notified re failure to timely file opening brief.
12/09/2015 Appellant's opening brief. Plaintiff and Appellant: Peter Scott Turner Attorney: Caryn Brottman Sanders Attorney: Gary M. Weinstein Attorney: Norman Pine Attorney: Stacy Freeman
Description: Dismissed per rule 8.140(b)
Date: 02/10/2015
Status: Vacated
Publication Status:
Case Citation: none

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