Court Case Record RICHARD L LEWIS v. PETE E ALMEIDA, ET AL. E2015-01387-COA-R3-CV UID(e037)


Court Case Number: E2015-01387-COA-R3-CV

Case NumberE2015-01387-COA-R3-CV
Case TypeAppellate Case
StateTennessee, TN
CountyUnion County
CourtUnion County Circuit Court
Court AddressAdministrative Office of the Courts 511 Union Street, Suite 600 Nashville, TN 37219
Phone(615) 741-2687 | (800) 448-7970
Field Date11/12/2015
Close Date07/20/2015


Pro SeLewis, Richard L.Appellant/Plaintiff
Pro SeAlmeida, Pete E.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeSlough, MarshaAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeStell, D'CarreyAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeVaronos, AlexAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeWalsh, EdwardAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeBrewer, Michael A.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeMcNamee, Marc T.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeStaropoly, LLCAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeThomas, CindyAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeVargas, BarbaraAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeLaughlin Associates, Inc.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeMac, BibiAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeBleu, CorbinAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeBorris, Thomas JamesAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeCole, Lisa HartAppellee/Defendant
Hill, Ronald ThomasBasle, Jean ReneAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeMeritus Payment SolutionsAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeThe Milner GroupAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeRoberts, James D.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeTaube, Emily CampbellAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeMiller, Allen S.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeMulligan, PhilipAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeNelson Page Entertainment, Inc.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SePluim, Jan A.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeRobinson, David M.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeSherman, Randall J.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeBeverly Hills Police DepartmentAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeCox, MekiAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeDeltoro, ElidaAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeEstarhdAppellee/Defendant
Pro SePierce, Douglas R.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeRowlen, Brantley ColeAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeCampion, Kenneth GeorgeAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeCornell, LydiaAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeJunco, George DelAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeEdmon, Lee SmalleyAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeFangray, HanyAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeFleming, DavidAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeHaddock, ArthurAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeHaight III, Raymond L.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeJackson, IvanAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeKeith, CaseyAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeMaryland Casualty CompanyAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeWelch, James MichaelAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeWestbrook, LloydAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeWorld Cup Comedy, LLCAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeHayeland, PaulAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeKehoe, MarthaAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeKratti, JohnAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeWesley, David S.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeWormley, Craig T.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeTate, William H.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeSternberg, TerenceAppellee/Defendant
Pro SePierce, Douglas R.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SeMason, Stephen G.Appellee/Defendant
Pro SePetrusis, Jennifer LynnAppellee/Defendant
Pro SeMathews, Ellen T.Appellee/Defendant
Carl, Robert R.Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.- CaliforniaAppellee/Defendant
Case Overview
Style Trial Court Trial Court Judge Trial Court No. Inter. Case No.
RICHARD L LEWIS v. PETE E ALMEIDA, ET AL. Union County Circuit Court McAfee, John D. 3243
Case Milestones
Description Date
Appeal Filed 07/20/2015
Record Filed 11/12/2015
Appellant(s) Briefing Complete 11/12/2015
Appellee(s) Briefing Complete Order
Oral Argument/Submission Dismissing Appeal (Involuntary)
Decision Date
Decision Type
Appeal to S. Ct. Date
Closed Date
Names Role Counsel
Lewis, Richard L. Appellant/Plaintiff Pro Se
Almeida, Pete E. Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Slough, Marsha Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Stell, D'Carrey Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Varonos, Alex Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Walsh, Edward Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Brewer, Michael A. Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
McNamee, Marc T. Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Staropoly, LLC Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Thomas, Cindy Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Vargas, Barbara Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Laughlin Associates, Inc. Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Mac, Bibi Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Bleu, Corbin Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Borris, Thomas James Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Cole, Lisa Hart Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Basle, Jean Rene Appellee/Defendant Hill, Ronald Thomas
Meritus Payment Solutions Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
The Milner Group Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Roberts, James D. Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Taube, Emily Campbell Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Miller, Allen S. Appellee/Defendant Pro Se
Case History
Date Event Filer PDF
12/10/2015 Order-Petition to Rehear Denied Lewis, Richard L. (Surety)
12/01/2015 Petition-to Rehear Lewis, Richard L. (Surety)
11/12/2015 Case Dispositional Decision-Dismissing Appeal (Involuntary) Bay, Raymond Dale, Pro Se (Appellee/Defendant)
11/12/2015 Appellate Record-Original Filed Hill, Ronald Thomas (Attorney)
10/29/2015 Appellate Record-Original Received Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.- California (Appellee/Defendant)
10/20/2015 Order to Show Cause-Filed World Cup Comedy, LLC, Pro Se (Appellee/Defendant)
09/10/2015 Order Related to Extension-Granted Lewis, Richard L., Pro Se (Appellant/Plaintiff)
09/08/2015 Motion for Extension to File-Response
08/28/2015 Order (Other)-Miscellaneous (Sua Sponte)
08/26/2015 Bond-Cash Deposited with Appellate Court
08/20/2015 Notice (Incoming)-Nonparticipating Party to Appeal
08/10/2015 Notice (Incoming)-Notice of Appearance Filed
08/07/2015 Notice (Incoming)-Notice of Appearance Filed
08/07/2015 Defect-Noted(Cured)
08/07/2015 Bond-Surety Bond Filed with Appellate Court
08/07/2015 Action-State Litigation Tax Paid
08/06/2015 Notice (Incoming)-Nonparticipating Party to Appeal
07/20/2015 Defect-Noted(Cured)
07/20/2015 Initiating Document-TRAP 3 Notice of Appeal
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Volume Type Volumes Record Type
Technical Record 2 Original