Court Case Record PHILIP BRILLANTE vs. NORMAN DUSETT & others 2000-P-0035 UID(1cd4)

PHILIP BRILLANTE vs. NORMAN DUSETT & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2000-P-0035

Case Number2000-P-0035
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date03/17/1993
Close Date08/26/2002


Joseph P. Franzese, Esquire Christine M. Franzese, EsquirePhilip BrillantePlaintiff/Appellant
David J. Himmelberger, Esquire Kenneth T. Weafer, EsquireNorman DusettDefendant/Appellee
D. Michael Arter, Esquire David J. Himmelberger, EsquireCharles ReynoldsDefendant/Appellee
Steven A. Kruczynski, Esquire Withdrawn Anthony M. Campo, Esquire Inactive Michael C. Palermo, Esquire Mark W. Shaughnessy, EsquireR.W. Granger & Sons IncDefendant/Appellee
Joel F. Pierce, EsquireAntico Excavating IncDefendant/Appellee
Richard E. Rafferty, EsquireHarvard Community Health PlanDefendant/Appellee
Joan E. O'Connor, Esquire Withdrawn Edward T. Brady, Jr., EsquireCity of SomervilleDefendant/Appellee
Community Development OfficeDefendant/Appellee
Ronald E. Harding, EsquireBarlite Construction, Inc.Defendant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/22/2000 #1 **** Cross Appeal ****
01/11/2000 #2 Entered.
02/11/2000 #3 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Philip Brillante.
02/11/2000 #4 RE#2: Extension to 03/21/2000 granted for filing of brief of Philip Brillante, Plaintiff/Appellant. No further enlargements. Notice to Counsel.
03/21/2000 #5 SERVICE of brief & appendix-1 vol. for Plaintiff/Appellant Philip Brillante.
03/22/2000 #6 Letter re: order of Superior Court allowing late docketing of cross-appeal of R. W. Granger & Sons, Inc. w/attach.
03/22/2000 #7 Additional fee of $150.00 received from R.W. Granger & Sons Inc.
04/03/2000 #8 Motion of the parties to substitute appendix and to amend procedure for designating parts of the record for appendix, preparing appendix, and filing appellate briefs and responses.
04/06/2000 #9 ORDER: "........briefs and appendices...appellant/Philip Brillante are hereby struck.......1) The plaintiff/appellant's revised briefs...are to be filed on or before 6/30/00........" (Rapoza, J.) *Notice.
04/28/2000 #10 Notice of appearance of Atty Palermo for R.W. Granger & Sons Inc.
06/30/2000 #11 Letter from Parties re: agreement relating to the appendix.
06/30/2000 #12 SERVICE of brief, appendix-1 vol. and transcript-3 vols. 2 sets for Plaintiff/Appellant Philip Brillante.
07/03/2000 #13 RE#8 As no leave to file separate appendices was granted by this court in its 4/6/00 order, if the cross-appellant wishes to file an appendix, it must seek leave of court. Notice.
07/13/2000 #14 MOTION to extend brief due date of R.W. Granger & Sons Inc.
07/13/2000 #15 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by R.W. Granger & Sons Inc.
07/13/2000 #16 RE#10: Extension to 08/30/2000 granted for filing of brief of R.W. Granger & Sons Inc, Defendant/Appellee. (Rapoza, J.) *Notice.
07/13/2000 #17 RE#11: Allowed. (Rapoza, J.) *Notice.
07/24/2000 #18 MOTION to extend brief due date of Antico Excavating Inc.
07/24/2000 #19 RE#12: Extension to 08/30/2000 granted for filing of brief of Antico Excavating Inc., Defendant/Appellee. No further enlargement. *Notice.
08/29/2000 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Antico Excavating Inc.
08/31/2000 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix-1 vol. for Defendant/Appellee R.W. Granger & Sons, Inc.
09/13/2000 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Philip Brillante.