Court Case Record M M v. B B 02A03-1601-PO-00109 UID(4921)

M M v. B B Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 02A03-1601-PO-00109

Case Number02A03-1601-PO-00109
Case TitleM M v. B B
Case TypeProtection Order
StateIndiana, IN
CourtCourt of Appeals
Court Address
Phone(317) 232-1930
Field Date
Close Date


Chronological Case Summary
Date Event Details Doc
6/27/2016 Trial Court Clerk Notified to Transmit Transcript
5/13/2016 Mail Returned as Undeliverable Recipient: Brittney Baker Reason: Attempted not known unable to forward Name of Document: Notice of Defect
4/29/2016 Appellant Brief Attorney: Hursh, Nicholas Party: M, M Certificate of Service-Mailed 04/29/16
4/29/2016 Notice of Defect Cured Appellant Brief
4/26/2016 Notice of Defect Issued Party: M, M Serve: B, B Serve: Hursh, Nicholas Appellant's Brief
4/26/2016 Document Transmitted
4/21/2016 Appendix Filed Attorney: Hursh, Nicholas Party: M, M Volumes of Appendices: One (1) Certificate of Service-Mailed 04/21/16
4/21/2016 Received Document Receive Date: 04/22/16 Brief of Appellant - Lacks judgment/order being appealed.
3/23/2016 Notice of Completion of Transcript Certificate of Service-Mailed 03/22/16
2/11/2016 Notice of Completion of Clerk's Record Transcript Not Yet Completed Certificate of Service-Mailed 02/09/16
1/14/2016 Notice of Appeal Filed Attorney: Hursh, Nicholas Party: M, M Certificate of Service-Mailed 01/14/16