Court Case Record LaKaisha Gallaher v. Southern Tube Form, LLC., et al. E2013-00615-COA-R3-CV UID(4e28)

LaKaisha Gallaher v. Southern Tube Form, LLC., et al. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: E2013-00615-COA-R3-CV

Case NumberE2013-00615-COA-R3-CV
Case TitleLaKaisha Gallaher v. Southern Tube Form, LLC., et al.
Case TypeAppellate Case
StateTennessee, TN
CountyAnderson County
CourtAnderson County Chancery Court
Court AddressAdministrative Office of the Courts 511 Union Street, Suite 600 Nashville, TN 37219
Phone(615) 741-2687 | (800) 448-7970
Field Date07/08/2013
Close Date03/08/2013


Pro SeGallaher, LaKaishaAppellant/Plaintiff
Herbert, Celeste HuffmanSouthern Tube Form LLCAppellee/Defendant
Herbert, Celeste HuffmanRiley, JerryAppellee/Defendant
Herbert, Celeste HuffmanMcCool, TommyAppellee/Defendant
Case Overview
Style Trial Court Trial Court Judge Trial Court No. Inter. Case No.
LaKaisha Gallaher v. Southern Tube Form, LLC., et al. Anderson County Chancery Court Lantrip, William Everett 12CH4486
Case Milestones
Description Date
Appeal Filed 03/08/2013
Record Filed 07/08/2013
Appellant(s) Briefing Complete 08/20/2013
Appellee(s) Briefing Complete Order
Oral Argument/Submission Dismissing Appeal (Involuntary)
Panel 11/05/2013
Decision Date
Decision Type
Appeal to S. Ct. Date
Closed Date
Names Role Counsel
Gallaher, LaKaisha Appellant/Plaintiff Pro Se
Southern Tube Form LLC Appellee/Defendant Herbert, Celeste Huffman
Riley, Jerry Appellee/Defendant Herbert, Celeste Huffman
McCool, Tommy Appellee/Defendant Herbert, Celeste Huffman
Case History
Date Event Filer PDF
07/15/2014 Notice (Incoming)-Correspondence Received Gallaher, LaKaisha, Pro Se (Appellant/Plaintiff)
07/08/2014 Notice (Outgoing)-Destruction Notification Gallaher, LaKaisha
11/05/2013 Appellate Record-Sent to Local Archive Gallaher, LaKaisha
11/05/2013 Mandate-Issued
11/05/2013 Appellate Record-Permanently Withdrawn
08/20/2013 Case Dispositional Decision-Dismissing Appeal (Involuntary)
08/14/2013 Notice (Incoming)-Correspondence Received
08/08/2013 Administrative Order-Appellant Brief Not Filed
07/16/2013 Notice (Incoming)-Correspondence Received
07/08/2013 Appellate Record-Original Filed
06/18/2013 Notice (Incoming)-Correspondence Received
06/13/2013 Appellate Record-Original Received
04/18/2013 Order-Appointment of Counsel Denied
04/18/2013 Motion-Appointment of Counsel
04/04/2013 Notice-Sent
03/21/2013 Order (Other)-Other
03/13/2013 Notice (Incoming)-Correspondence Received
03/08/2013 Notice-Sent
03/08/2013 Allocation-State Litigation Tax Invoiced
03/08/2013 Defect-Noted
03/08/2013 Notice-Sent
03/08/2013 Initiating Document-TRAP 3 Notice of Appeal
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Volume Type Volumes Record Type
Technical Record 2 Original