Court Case Record KENNETH CONLEY & another vs. WORCESTER INSURANCE CO. 2012-P-0443 UID(c672)


Court Case Number: 2012-P-0443

Case Number2012-P-0443
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtHampden Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date10/20/1999
Close Date06/07/2013


Kenneth ConleyPlaintiff
Abraham Kasparian JrPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
William Tait, Jr., EsquireWorcester Insurance Co.Defendant
Sarah B. Christie, EsquireAcadia Insurance CompanyOther interested party
Kevin Vincent Maltby, EsquireGary L. FialkyReceiver
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/15/2012 #1 Affidavit of indigency, filed by Abraham Kasparian Jr.
03/15/2012 #2 RE#1: The within is treated as a motion to waive the entry fee, and as such, it it allowed (Milkey, J.).
03/15/2012 #3 Entered.
03/15/2012 #4 Notice of entry sent.
03/22/2012 #5 Letter from Abraham Kasparian, Jr. re: concern about the parties on case.
03/30/2012 #6 RE#3: The within is treated as a motion to correct the case caption, and as such, it is allowed. The within noted correction shall be made accordingly. Also, as requested within, counsel for Worcester Insurance Co. shall be listed on the docket for notice purposes. *Notice.
04/04/2012 #7 Letter from Kenneth Conley re: not a party of this appeal.
04/05/2012 #8 RE#4: Regarding the entry of parties on the Appeals Court docket, the court enters information on its docket as received from the trial court by way of the assembly forwarded to this court. On 2/3/12, the Appeals Court received papers from the Superior Court in HDCV1999-01207, including an entry statement and docket sheets, captioned "Conley et al v Worcester Insurance Co." The Appeals Court cannot deviate from the caption as it appears on the trial court's docket. Any request therefore to alter the caption must be made in the trial court in the first instance. As Mr. Conley is not an active party to this appeal, however, the docket will reflect his status as being inactive, with no notice to be provided to Mr. Conley hereafter. *Notice.
04/09/2012 #9 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Abraham Kasparian Jr.
04/09/2012 #10 RE#5: Denied without prejudice to refilling after the appellant has filed the docketing statement required by the Appeals Court's Pilot Program Requiring Appellants to File Docketing Statements in Civil Cases. *Notice.
04/17/2012 #11 Letter from Abraham Kasparian Jr re: motion to compel the DOC to ensure mailing is mailed out to the other parties, or allowed to submit all the copies to the Appeals Clerk's Office for mailing to the other parties, and request for a copy of the docket entries.
04/17/2012 #12 Verified notice of filing exclusion of the "Docketing Statement", filed by Abraham Kasparian, Jr.
04/23/2012 #13 RE#6: Denied. To the extent the appellant takes exception to the Department of Corrections regulations pertaining to the mailing of documents by indigent inmates, the appellant shall seek redress through the internal grievance process as prescribed by DOC procedures. *Notice.
04/23/2012 #14 RE#7: Allowed. The appellant is exempt from the filing of the Civil Docketing Statement. *Notice.
05/04/2012 #15 Notice preceding dismissal: Standing Order Governing Dismissals for Lack of Prosecution.
05/11/2012 #16 Letter from Abraham Kasparian Jr. re: Request to extend brief due date.
05/17/2012 #17 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Abraham Kasparian Jr.
05/18/2012 #18 RE#9: Appellants' motion to enlarge is deemed to be a motion to stay and is allowed to 7/9/12, by which time a status report is due. *Notice.
05/18/2012 #19 RE#8: See court's 5/18/12 action on paper #9. *Notice.
05/23/2012 #20 MOTION to stay & status report, filed by Abraham Kasparian Jr.
05/23/2012 #21 RE#10: No action necessary. See courts' 5/18/12 action on paper #9. Status report due 7/9/12. *Notice.
06/27/2012 #22 Status Report and documents requested by court and further request for stay of proceeding, filed by Abraham Kasparian Jr.