Court Case Record JOHN T. KOSKA & another vs. BOARD ASSESSORS ACUSHNET 2000-P-0153 UID(9abf)

JOHN T. KOSKA & another vs. BOARD ASSESSORS ACUSHNET Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2000-P-0153

Case Number2000-P-0153
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyAppellate Tax Board
CourtAppellate Tax Board
Court Address
Field Date03/02/1999
Close Date08/23/2000


Donald J. Fleming, EsquireJohn T. KoskaPlaintiff/Appellant
Donald J. Fleming, EsquireMichael J. KoskaPlaintiff/Appellant
Thomas McEnaney, EsquireBoard Assessors AcushnetDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
01/27/2000 #1 Entered.
02/07/2000 #2 Revised docket entries (certified; two copies) received from Appellate Tax Board.
03/08/2000 #3 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant John T. Koska.
03/31/2000 #4 Joint motion to remand, filed by the parties.
04/03/2000 #5 RE#4 Denied without prejudice to refiling as a motion to dismiss the appeal per Mass. R.App. P. 29(b) because issue raised on appeal is now apparently moot.Notice.
04/06/2000 #6 RE#4 Revised Action. Treatin the within as a joint motion to stay the appeal, pursuant to a joint telephone conference with counsel, it is allowed. The appeal is hereby STAYED until May 30, 2000. The appellant shall file & serve a status report on or before that date as to the A.T.B.'s progress in issuing its findings & report, the appellant shall move to vacate the appeal & the parties may move to dismiss the appeal per Rule 29(b), or to vacate the appellant's brief & for leave to file a supplemental brief & appendix from said report. Notice.
05/26/2000 #7 Motion to amend appendix on file and request a new briefing schedule, filed by John T. Koska.
05/26/2000 #8 Status report filed by John T. Koska.
05/30/2000 #9 RE#5 The stay of appellate proceedings is vacated. Appellants' amended brief and appendix are due 7/10/2000. Unless the Court is otherwise notified, the original briefs and appendices will be discarded upon the filing of the amended brief & appendix. *Notice.
05/30/2000 RE#6 Noted. See this Court's action of 5/30/2000 on paper #5. *Notice.
07/25/2000 MOTION to Dismiss, filed by Board Assessors Acushnet.
07/25/2000 RE#7 Given the action of 5/30/00 (paper #5), the first step of Standing Order 17A is to issue forthwith. Notice.
07/25/2000 Notice preceding dismissal: Rule 17A.
08/08/2000 ORDER: DISMISSAL under Rule 17A.
08/23/2000 Notice of dismissal to Trial Court: 17A. (Imaged)
07/05/2001 Notice of withdrawal of appeal received from Appellants'.
07/05/2001 RE#9 No action necessary. The appeal was dismissed upon completion of the Staning Order 17A process on 08/23/01. *Notice.