Court Case Record DONALD CAMERON & others vs. BRUCE DIVIRGILIO & another 2000-P-0036 UID(5d89)

DONALD CAMERON & others vs. BRUCE DIVIRGILIO & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2000-P-0036

Case Number2000-P-0036
Case TitleDONALD CAMERON & others vs. BRUCE DIVIRGILIO & another
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyNorthampton District, HS
CourtNorthampton District, HS
Court Address
Field Date02/18/1999
Close Date06/27/2002


Michael J. Serduck, EsquireDonald CameronPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireGregg SchneiderPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireSallie SchneiderPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireJessie OrtizPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireJudith OrtizPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireDavid GrahamPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireSamuel MedinaPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireFred BlodgettPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireSheila NussbaumPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Serduck, EsquireIrwin NussbaumPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael Pill, EsquireBruce DiVirgilioDefendant/Appellee
Alan Seewald, EsquireAmherst Zoning Board of AppealsDefendant/Appellee
Janice CameronPlaintiff
Richard PastorelloPlaintiff
Roberta PastorelloPlaintiff
John FeudoPlaintiff
Margaret JablowskiPlaintiff
Joe MallenPlaintiff
Julie MallenPlaintiff
Victoria BlodgettPlaintiff
Ivan PopstefanijaPlaintiff
Marija PopstefanijaPlaintiff
Stephen TannePlaintiff
Sara TannePlaintiff
Martin MillerPlaintiff
Brenda MillerPlaintiff
Ching ChangPlaintiff
Patricia MercaitisPlaintiff
David LeePlaintiff
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
01/11/2000 #1 Entered.
01/14/2000 #2 MOTION to waive additional filing fees.
01/14/2000 #3 RE#2 Allowed. Appellants are reminded that they are to file a single brief and appendix (7 copies) with this Court. *Notice.
01/21/2000 #4 MOTION to expedite appeal and limit the plaintiffs to one extension to file their brief/appendix, filed by Bruce DiVirgilio.
01/21/2000 #5 RE#3 As to the request to expedite this pending appeal, it is denied without prejudice to its renewal upon filing of the appellees' briefs. The remaining requested is denied. Notice.
01/24/2000 #6 OPPOSITION to #paper 2 & 3 filed by Plaintiff's.
01/24/2000 #7 RE#4 No action necessary. See this court's 1/21/00 action on #3. Notice..
02/14/2000 #8 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Plaintiffs.
02/14/2000 #9 RE#5: Allowed to 04/03/2000 No further enlargements. Notice
04/05/2000 #10 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiffs/Appellants, along with trans/1 vol (2 sets), exhibits/1 vol (5 sets).
05/01/2000 #11 MOTION to extend brief due date of Bruce DiVirgilio.
05/02/2000 #12 RE#7: Allowed to 06/20/2000. No further enlargements. Notice
06/20/2000 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Bruce DiVirgilio.
06/22/2000 MOTION for expedited appeal, filed by Bruce DiVirgilio.
06/23/2000 RE#9 Denied. (Perretta, J.). Notice..
01/11/2002 Notice of 02/06/2002, 9:30 A.M. argument at Western New England Law School sent.
02/05/2002 Notice of 02/12/2002, 9:30 A.M. argument sent.
02/12/2002 Oral argument held. (B LK GN).
05/30/2002 Decision: Full Opinion (Lenk, J.) Judgment affirmed.
06/27/2002 RESCRIPT to Trial Court.