Court Case Record COMMONWEALTH vs. DAVID DOLAN & others 2015-P-1650 UID(afb4)

COMMONWEALTH vs. DAVID DOLAN & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2015-P-1650

Case Number2015-P-1650
Case TypeCriminal
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtWorcester Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date06/20/2014
Close Date02/24/2016


Jane A. Sullivan, A.D.A. Donna-Marie Haran, A.D.A.CommonwealthPlaintiff/Appellant
Steven D. Power, Esquire Withdrawn Edward Crane, EsquireDavid DolanDefendant/Appellee
William P. Johnson, EsquireJesse FullerDefendant/Appellee
Barry P. Dynice, Esquire Withdrawn Deborah Bates Riordan, EsquireTaj JohnsonDefendant/Appellee
Robert W. Nelson, Jr., Esquire Withdrawn Dorothy A. Mele, CPCS assignment supervisor Inactive Thomas Robinson, EsquireTimothy BarnesDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
12/09/2015 #1 Transcripts received: 1 Vol, 2 sets on CD ^ Motion to suppress 1/14/15
12/09/2015 #2 Lower Court Assembly of the Record Package
12/09/2015 #3 Notice of entry sent.
12/11/2015 #4 Docketing Statement received from Commonwealth.^
01/12/2016 #5 Notice of appearance of Donna-Marie Haran for Commonwealth.
01/12/2016 #6 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Commonwealth.
01/22/2016 #7 Notice of appearance of Deborah Bates Riordan for Taj Johnson.
01/21/2016 #7.5 MOTION to withdraw as counsel for Taj Johnson and stay the appeal, filed by Barry P. Dynice.
01/21/2016 #8 MOTION to withdraw as counsel for David Dolan and stay the appeal, filed by Steven D. Power.
01/25/2016 #9 MOTION to withdraw as counsel for Timothy Barnes, filed by Robert W. Nelson, Jr.
01/28/2016 #10 Notice of appearance of Deborah Bates Riordan for Taj Johnson.
01/29/2016 #11 RE#7: Allowed. Attorney Dynice is permitted to withdraw. See court's 1/29/16 action on papers # 7.5 & 8 as to request to stay appellate proceedings. *Notice.
01/28/2016 #12 RE#7.5 & #8: Allowed. Attorneys Power and Nelson are permitted to withdraw. Appellate proceedings stayed to 2/29/16 by when a status report is due from CPCS or successor counsel as to appointment of successor counsel for appellees David Dolan and Timothy Barnes. *Notice.
02/01/2016 #13 Letter of C.P.C.S. re assignment of Edward Crane, Esquire as counsel for David Dolan.
02/05/2016 #14 Letter of C.P.C.S. re assignment of Thomas Robinson, Esquire as counsel for Timothy Barnes.
02/11/2016 #15 MOTION to extend brief due date of Timothy Barnes.
02/12/2016 Notice of appearance of William P. Johnson for Jesse Fuller.
02/12/2016 Notice to Jesse Fuller that brief is non-conforming for the reasons indicated on the checklist: 17, 18-no service on co-defendants indicated, 22. The party has until 02/26/2016 to file, and re-serve upon all parties, a conforming brief and appendix or a motion to accept nonconforming brief and appendix.
02/18/2016 RE#12: As counsel has been appointed for appellee Dolan and Barnes, the stay of appellate proceedings is hereby vacated. Appellant's briefs and record appendices due on or before 6/3/216. No further enlargement to be anticipated. Notice to counsel.
02/24/2016 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix for Defendant/Appellee Jesse Fuller.