Court Case Record Betresadik Tessema vs. Greyhound Bus Lines 2000-P-0001 UID(1c03)

Betresadik Tessema vs. Greyhound Bus Lines Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2000-P-0001

Case Number2000-P-0001
Case TitleBetresadik Tessema vs. Greyhound Bus Lines
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountySuffolk County
CourtBoston Municipal
Court Address
Field Date06/16/1999
Close Date04/01/2002


Betresadik TessemaPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Jon M. Nelson, EsquireGreyhound Bus LinesDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
01/03/2000 #1 MOTION to waive entry fee, filed by Betresadik Tessema.
01/03/2000 #2 RE#1: Allowed as to the waiver of the entry fee only.
01/03/2000 #3 Entered.
02/15/2000 #4 Letter from Betresadik Tessema re: need more specific time to appeal case.
02/15/2000 #5 RE#3: Your brief and appendix was due on 2/14/00. You may file a motion asking the court for an enlargement of time to specific date and explaining good cause for an extension. *Notice.
02/23/2000 #6 Letter from Clerk's Office to Mr. Tessema re: Non-conforming briefs & appendices. Notice
03/13/2000 #7 Motion to file conforming brief with attach, filed by Betresadik Tessema.
03/15/2000 #8 RE#5: Allowed. The brief and appendix of the plaintiff-appellant are accepted for filing on this date. (Gelinas, J.) *Notice.
03/15/2000 #9 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Betresadik Tessema.
04/05/2000 #10 Motion to file a separate appendix filed by Greyhound Bus Lines.
04/05/2000 #11 RE#7 Allowed. Notice..
04/05/2000 #12 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Greyhound Bus Lines.
05/25/2000 #13 Letter from Betresadik Tessema re: motion extend brief & appointment of counsel.
05/26/2000 #14 RE#9 The request for an extension to file a reply brief is allowed to 6/8/00. As to the request for counsel, the appellant is advised that there is no right to counsel in an action of this nature. Notice
06/07/2000 #15 SERVICE of reply brief for Plaintiff/Appellant Betresadik Tessema.
03/23/2001 #16 Copy of Motion filed in lower court received from Betresadik Tessema.
05/10/2001 #17 Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Prohibition filed by Betresadik Tessema.
05/10/2001 #18 RE#12 Denied as this court is without jurisdiction to grant the relief requested. Notice.
10/23/2001 Placed on November non-argument list.
10/23/2001 Under consideration by Panel. (J M KN).
12/18/2001 Letter pursuant to MRAP 16(l) filed by Betresadik Tessema, w/att.
12/20/2001 Letter from Betresadik Tessema re: to correct defendant's attorney's name and address in the brief.