Court Case Record B J v. S J 92A04-1603-PO-00645 UID(64b3)

B J v. S J Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 92A04-1603-PO-00645

Case Number92A04-1603-PO-00645
Case TitleB J v. S J
Case TypeProtection Order
StateIndiana, IN
CourtCourt of Appeals
Court Address
Phone(317) 232-1930
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Chronological Case Summary
Date Event Details Doc
4/15/2016 Notice of Completion of Transcript Certificate of Service-Mailed 04/14/16
4/6/2016 Order Issued order granting motion for Court to serve appellee Judicial Officer: Barnes, Michael P. Serve: J, S Serve: Pierce, Brian Having reviewed the matter, the Court finds and orders as follows: 1. Appellant's Motion for the Court to Serve Appellee is granted. 2. The Clerk of this Court is directed to serve Appellee with Appellant's pleadings in this cause. 3. When counsel enters an appearance for Appellee, if at all, the Clerk of this Court will be relieved of the obligation to serve Appellee. Appellant shall then serve Appellee's counsel.
4/6/2016 Note Clerk of this Court shall serve the Appellee with the Appellant's pleadings until/unless an attorney appears for the appellee. A copy of all pleadings filed by the appellant in this cause was sent to the appellee with a copy of the order on 04/06/16.
4/6/2016 Document Transmitted
3/31/2016 Notice of Completion of Clerk's Record Transcript Not Yet Completed Certificate of Service-Mailed 03/31/16
3/16/2016 Notice of Appeal Filed Attorney: Pierce, Brian Party: J, B Certificate of Service-unable to serve/case type
3/16/2016 Document Filed Party: J, B Motion for the Court to Serve Appellee Schaun Johnston Certificate of Service-unable to serve