Court Case Record Alfred Comer V. State of Indiana 45A05-1604-SP-00983 UID(a195)

Alfred Comer V. State of Indiana Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 45A05-1604-SP-00983

Case Number45A05-1604-SP-00983
Case TitleAlfred Comer V. State of Indiana
Case TypeSuccessive post-conviction petition
StateIndiana, IN
CourtCourt of Appeals
Court Address
Phone(317) 232-1930
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Chronological Case Summary
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5/19/2016 Order Denying Successive Post-Conviction Appeal order denying spcr Judicial Officer: Vaidik, Nancy H. Serve: Comer, Alfred Having reviewed the matter, the Court finds and orders as follows: 1. The Petitioner has failed to establish a reasonable possibility that he is entitled to post-conviction relief, and accordingly, the Court declines to authorize the filing of the petition. 2. The Clerk of this Court is directed to return the Petition to the Petitioner together with a copy of this order and send a copy of this order to the Lake Circuit and Superior Courts Clerk. 3. The Lake Circuit and Superior Courts Clerk is directed to file a copy of this order under Lower Cause Number 45G03-0302-MR-1 and, pursuant to Indiana Trial Rule 77(D), the Clerk shall place the contents of this order in the Record of Judgments and Orders. Kirsch, Bradford, JJ., Shepard, Sr.J., concur.
5/19/2016 Document Transmitted
5/19/2016 Note Copy of petition sent to petitioner, per the order issued 5/19/16
4/15/2016 Petition For Successive Post-Conviction Relief Attorney: Comer, Alfred with attached Petition for Post-Conviction Relief