Court Case Record Xavier Jevon Reese v. The State of Texas 03-14-00409-CR UID(bb25)

Xavier Jevon Reese v. The State of Texas Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 03-14-00409-CR

Case Number03-14-00409-CR
Case TitleXavier Jevon Reese v. The State of Texas
Case TypeAggravated Robbery
StateTexas, TX
Court264th District Court
Court AddressHonorable Martha J. Trudo
Field Date06/24/2014
Close Date


Mr. Bob D. Odom
The Honorable Lisa C. McMinn
The State of TexasCriminal - State of Texas
Mr. Richard E. WetzelReese, Xavier JevonCriminal - Appellant
Case Events
Date Event Type Description Disposition Document
03/29/2016 Motion for extension of time to file petition for discretionary review disposed by Court of Criminal Appeals Pro Se Motion or Writ Granted
03/03/2016 Certification of Compliance that opinion sent to criminal defendant Appellant
02/25/2016 Memorandum opinion issued Affirmed
02/23/2016 Submitted
02/02/2016 Set for submission on briefs
11/03/2014 Case ready to be set
10/02/2014 Brief filed - oral argument not requested State
09/25/2014 Brief filed - oral argument not requested Appellant
09/11/2014 Exhibits filed Court Reporter
09/11/2014 Reporters record filed Court Reporter
08/29/2014 Court reporters notice to court regarding status of record Court Reporter
08/20/2014 Telephone inquiry to or from the court Court Reporter
08/19/2014 Notice of late record Court Reporter
07/28/2014 Supplemental clerks record filed District Clerk
07/24/2014 Clerks record filed District Clerk
07/01/2014 Docketing statement filed Appellant
06/24/2014 Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals Appellant
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
03/29/2016 Appeal to Higher Court Higher court review
06/06/2016 Status Mandate to Issue
07/28/2014 Status Case sealed