Court Case Record WANDA GOULD & another vs. SHARLENE SULLIVAN & another 2010-P-1878 UID(075d)

WANDA GOULD & another vs. SHARLENE SULLIVAN & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-P-1878

Case Number2010-P-1878
Case TitleWANDA GOULD & another vs. SHARLENE SULLIVAN & another
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyGardner District, WO
CourtGardner District, WO
Court Address
Field Date06/22/2010
Close Date06/29/2012


Wanda GouldPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Charles E. Fuller, Jr.Pro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Stephen E. Hughes, EsquireSharlene SullivanDefendant/Appellee
Daryl F. Glazer, EsquireJames J. SabaDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
10/25/2010 #1 Motion to waive entry fee, filed by Wanda Gould, is allowed. The appellant's appeals of 1063HO0127 and 1063HO0125 are entered this date without fee.
10/25/2010 #2 Entered.
10/25/2010 #3 Notice of entry sent.
11/02/2010 #4 MOTION for appointment of counsel, filed by Wanda Gould.
11/05/2010 #5 RE#2: Denied, as there is no statutory or constitutional basis for the appointment of counsel in this civil matter. "Although the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States requires that judicial proceedings be fundamentally fair, an indigent litigant is not constitutionally entitled to a court-appointed attorney in every civil case." Genninger v. Genninger, 418 Mass. 732, 733 (1994). (Kafker, J.). Notice
11/15/2010 #6 Motion for joinder of appeals, filed by Wanda Gould.
11/15/2010 #7 Motion for reconsideration of appointment of counsel, filed by Wanda Gould.
11/15/2010 #8 Motion for court order and to place appeal into abeyance or and stay the appeal, filed by Wanda Gould.
11/17/2010 #9 RE#3: The appeals of 10-P-1878 and 10-P-1879 are hereby consolidated. All future filings shall reflect docket 10-P-1878 only, and 10-P-1879 is now closed. The request to consolidate 10-P-1878 with the related matter of 10-P-1881 is denied without prejudice to renewal by way of a joint motion, signed by the parties seeking to consolidate the two appeals. *Notice.
11/17/2010 #10 RE#4: The motion to reconsider the denial of the appellant's motion to appoint counsel in this civil matter is denied. By the Court (Kafker, J.). *Notice.
11/17/2010 #11 RE#5: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 12/16/2010, and a status report shall be filed on or before that date concerning any pleadings filed in the Superior Court regarding G.L.c. 231, sections 97 and 101. *Notice.
11/17/2010 #12 Memo: Case consolidated with A.C. 10-P-1879
11/23/2010 #13 Joint motion for joinder of appeal(s), filed by Charles E. Fuller Jr. aka Charlene P. Fuller and Wanda Gould .
11/24/2010 #14 RE#6: The motion is allowed, and the appeal of 10P1878 is consolidated with 10-P-1881. All future filings shall reflect only docket number 10-P-1878, and 10-P-1881 is now closed. The appeal remains in stay status pursuant to docket entry, dated 11/17/10, on P#5, and a joint status report shall be filed on or before 12/16/2010, in compliance with that entry. *Notice/Attest/Image.
12/14/2010 #15 Status Report filed by Charles E. Fuller, Jr..
12/13/2010 #16 RE#7: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 01/13/2011. Status report due 01/13/2011. *Notice.
01/14/2011 #17 Letter from Charles E. Fuller re: Status Report.
01/18/2011 #18 RE#8: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 02/18/11. Status report due on or before that date. A copy of the motion is sent this date to counsel of record as a courtesy. Notice
01/20/2011 #19 Copy of P#8 to counsel.
02/16/2011 Letter from Charles E. Fuller aka Charlene Page Fuller re: Status report.
02/22/2011 RE#9: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 03/22/2011. Status report due 03/22/2011. *Notice.
03/22/2011 Letter from Charles E. Fuller, Jr. re: status report, and changed address.