Court Case Record Victor Karp v. State of Indiana 15S04-1610-CR-00555

Victor Karp v. State of Indiana Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 15S04-1610-CR-00555

Case Number15S04-1610-CR-00555
Case TitleVictor Karp v. State of Indiana
Case TypeDirect appeal
StateIndiana, IN
CountyAll Counties
CourtSupreme Court
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Phone(317) 232-1930
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Chronological Case Summary
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10/25/2016 Order Granting Petition to Transfer Order - Transfer Judicial Officer: Rush, Loretta H. Party: Karp, Victor Serve: Beller, Paula Serve: Weissmann, Leanna Serve: Zoeller, Gregory Appellant's petition to transfer granted.
10/25/2016 Opinion Issued Opinion Issued: Affirmed in Part, Vacated in Part Serve: Beller, Paula Serve: Weissmann, Leanna Serve: Zoeller, Gregory The Court of Appeals affirmed Karp's conviction and sentence. Karp v. State, No. 15A04-1601-CR-32 (Ind. Ct. App. 2016). In so doing, the court found Karp's sentencing argument specious and not supported by cogent reasoning. Id. at 6. While we agree with our colleagues' ultimate resolution of the sentencing issue and the case as a whole, we do not share their assessment of Karp's sentencing argument. Accordingly, we grant transfer and summarily affirm the Court of Appeals opinion pursuant to Indiana Appellate Rule 58(A), with the exception of the above-quoted passage, which is hereby vacated. Rush, C.J., and Rucker and David, JJ., concur. Massa and Slaughter, JJ., concur in result.
10/25/2016 Document Transmitted
10/25/2016 Document Transmitted