Court Case Record UMESH HEENDENIYA vs. CAPGEMINI US, LLC & others 2013-P-0379 UID(c784)

UMESH HEENDENIYA vs. CAPGEMINI US, LLC & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2013-P-0379

Case Number2013-P-0379
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date05/16/2011
Close Date08/26/2014


Umesh HeendeniyaPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
John McCormack, EsquireCapgemini US, LLCDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireJack DesmondDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireJosh HarbenDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireMichele MartinDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireKarolyn SmithDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireShawn ShopeDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireLanny CohenDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireThomas RileyDefendant/Appellee
John McCormack, EsquireStephen HunterDefendant/Appellee
Michael R. Pontrelli, Esquire Michael Thompson, EsquireHewitt Associates, LLC.Defendant/Appellee
Michael R. Pontrelli, Esquire Michael Thompson, EsquireAon HewittDefendant/Appellee
Daniel J. Cloherty, EsquireHireright, Inc.Defendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/04/2013 #1 Entered.
03/04/2013 #2 Notice of entry sent.
03/18/2013 #3 Docketing Statement received from Umesh Heendeniya.^
04/11/2013 #4 Letter from Umesh Heendeniya re: extension of time.
04/12/2013 #5 RE#3: Appellant's request for an enlargement of time to file brief is allowed to the extent it is to to be filed on or before 07/12/13 (Green, J.). Notice
05/09/2013 #6 Sworn affidavit about the surgeries he's had, his illnesses and permanent disabilities, his monthly social security income (SSDI), and his monthly utility expenses (Disability Accommodation from the Court Requested), filed by Umesh Heendeniya.
05/10/2013 #7 RE#4: Referred to the panel designated to decide this appeal. *Notice.^
06/21/2013 #8 Letter from Umesh Heendeniya re: request for time extension.
06/28/2013 #9 Letter with attachments from Umesh Heendeniya re: Request for ruling on request for additional time.
06/28/2013 #10 RE#5: Allowed to 09/27/2013. (Rubin, J.) Notice to counsel.
06/28/2013 #11 RE#6: See court's 6/28/13 action on paper #5. *Notice.
09/12/2013 #12 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Umesh Heendeniya.
09/17/2013 #13 RE#7: Allowed to 12/27/2013. No further enlargements. (Cypher, J.) Notice to counsel.
12/30/2013 SERVICE of brief & appendix-2 vols. for Plaintiff/Appellant Umesh Heendeniya.
01/27/2014 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Hireright, Inc.
01/29/2014 SERVICE of 7-briefs for Defendants/Appellees Hewitt Associates, LLC. & Aon Hewitt.
02/11/2014 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Umesh Heendeniya.
02/12/2014 RE#11: Allowed to 4/29/14. *Notice.
04/15/2014 Under consideration by Panel. (Graham, J., Wolohojian, J., Milkey, J.).
05/01/2014 SERVICE of reply brief for Plaintiff/Appellant Umesh Heendeniya.
07/29/2014 REVISED ACTION RE#4: No action necessary. (Graham, Wolohojian & Milkey, JJ.). *Notice.
07/29/2014 Decision: Rule 1:28 Judgment affirmed. (Graham, Wolohojian, Milkey, JJ.). *Notice.