Court Case Record The People v. Taylor F072107 UID(92c8)

The People v. Taylor Court Case Record

Court Case Number: F072107

Case NumberF072107
Case TitleThe People v. Taylor
Case TypeCR
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address5th Appellate District
Field Date
Close Date10/25/2016


Office of the Attorney General
P. O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244

Daniel Bernstein
Office of the Attorney General
P. O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244

The PeoplePlaintiff and Respondent
John L. Staley
Law Offices of John L. Staley
16935 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 260
San Diego, CA 92127

Vernon TaylorDefendant and Appellant
Central California Appellate Program (CC
2150 River Plaza Dr., Ste. 300
Sacramento, CA 95833

Central California Appellate ProgramInformation only
Docket (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
08/12/2015 Notice of appeal lodged/received (criminal). Appellant appeals 7/8/15 denial of prop 47 petition; request for counsel in NOA; copy to CCAP To CSMGR
08/12/2015 Notice to reporter to prepare transcript. Notice to court reporter Gonzalez sent by superior court on 7/30/15
08/13/2015 Note: reviewed by csmgr
08/19/2015 Record on appeal filed. C1/35 pages; R1/2 pages; letter sent to all parties re aob due in 40 days. TAP SUPP CTX processed on 11/10/2015
09/14/2015 Filed order appointing counsel (C.C.A.P. review). Defendant and Appellant: Vernon Taylor Attorney: John L. Staley AOB due w/n 30 days
09/28/2015 Motion/application to augment record filed. Atty Staley requesting abstract of judgment, reporter's transcript of 8/8/14, last information or complaint
10/13/2015 Augmentation granted. (See order.) Upon motion of appellant and good cause appearing, it is ordered that the record on appeal be augmented to include supplemental clerk's and reporter's transcripts described in "APPLICATION TO AUGMENT THE RECORD ON APPEAL, " filed on September 28, 2015, incorporated as if set forth herein and consisting of the following material: 1. The reporter's transcript of oral proceedings described in item No. 2 of the above mentioned motion. 2. The clerk's transcript consisting of the material described in item Nos. 1 and 3 of the above mentioned motion. The Clerk of the Superior Court of the County of Kern is directed to cause such material to be prepared and certified and to transmit the same to this court and to counsel, on or before 30 days from the date of this order. Time to file appellant's opening brief is hereby extended to and including 30 days from the date of the filing of the augmentation ordered above.
10/22/2015 Notice to reporter to prepare transcript. to ctrr Pung for augment due 11/12/15 by sup ct 10/13/15
11/17/2015 Augmented record filed. C1, 22 pages; R1, 16 pages; letter emailed to counsel augmented record filed and aob due w/in 30 days
11/18/2015 Returned document for non-conformance. Aob(Table of Contents listed incorrect pages) and motion to augment/request for judicial(attachment needs to be submitted separately) notice received 11/18/15 rejected
11/19/2015 Appellant's opening brief. Defendant and Appellant: Vernon Taylor Attorney: John L. Staley saved to G drive (briefs)
11/19/2015 Motion/application to augment record filed. atty Staley obo applt requesting the minute orders for Superior Court case # BF137550A, BF109963, BF099730A and SC079446A
12/07/2015 Received: Declaration from atty Stanley with exhibits attached
12/07/2015 Order filed. Appellant's "APPELLANT'S SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION TO AUGMENT&, " filed on November 19, 2015, is deferred pending consideration of the appeal on its merits.
03/03/2016 Telephone conversation with: Dawn Stott with AG's office, did not receive the aob. TrueFiling pos does not list AG, however listed on pos of aob; emailed aob to AG; modified due date 30 days from today's date
04/01/2016 Granted - extension of time. Respondent's brief. Due on 05/04/2016 By 30 Day(s) 1st Request
04/08/2016 Respondent's brief. Plaintiff and Respondent: The People Attorney: Daniel Bernstein
05/04/2016 ARB not filed (time elapsed or notice no brief). Defendant and Appellant: Vernon Taylor Attorney: John L. Staley Original ARB Deadline: 04/28/2016
05/04/2016 Case fully briefed.
10/06/2016 10 day letter sent (B.T.C. case).
10/11/2016 Conditional waiver filed by: Deputy AG Bernstein - CC/15 min
10/25/2016 Submission order filed. Oral argument having been waived in the above entitled case in accordance with the provisions of a notice mailed to counsel, the case is submitted for decision.
Description: Affirmed in full
Date: 10/25/2016
Status: Final The order denying defendant's motion to strike his four prior prison term enhancements (ยง 667.5, subd. (b)) is affirmed. Defendant's motion to augment the record is granted, as explained above; Pena, Smith, McCabe; 12 pages
Publication Status: By the Court - Unpublished
Participants: McCabe, Brian L. (Concur) Smith, M. Bruce (Concur) Pena, Jr., Rosendo (Concur)
Case Citation: none