Court Case Record The People v. Hernandez A144628 UID(2cf9)

The People v. Hernandez Court Case Record

Court Case Number: A144628

Case NumberA144628
Case TitleThe People v. Hernandez
Case TypeCR
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address1st Appellate District
Field Date03/09/2015
Close Date7/10/2018



Office of the Attorney General455 Golden Gate Avenue - Suite 11000San Francisco, CA94102-7004Contact Name: Gregg E. Zywicke
The PeoplePlaintiff and Respondent

First District Appellate ProjectFirst District Appellate Project475 Fourteenth Street, Suite 650Oakland, CA94612
Barry Martin Karl620 Jefferson AvenueRedwood City, CA94063
Marco A. HernandezDefendant and Appellant
Date Description Notes
03/26/2015 Notice of appeal lodged/received (criminal).
03/27/2015 Court reporter extension requested. Susan K. Crozier, csr 4761 to 06/28/15
04/03/2015 Court reporter extension granted. Susan K. Crozier, csr 4761 to 06/28/15
04/29/2015 Counsel appointment order filed. Barry Karl for Hernandez (independent/40)
07/07/2015 Probation report filed.
07/07/2015 Record on appeal filed. CT6 - RT42; Confidential: CT Pgs. 464-468. SEALED In-Camera Proceeding - RT 10/16/14, Vol. 4, Pgs. 212-216 (O+2) (3 Boxes)
07/07/2015 Record in box. 2 Boxes
08/05/2015 Motion/application to augment record filed. Appellant (and REX for AOB; to court)
08/11/2015 Augmentation granted. (See order.) Appellant (AOB to 30 days from filing of augmentation)
09/15/2015 Augmented record filed. 1) All jury questions and/or notes submitted to the court 2) People's Exhibits 1A, 5, 7, 12 (withdrawn), 18, 18A, 20, 21 Defendant's Exhibits A, D, F, G, H, L, N, Y, EE (Exhibits placed in grey exhibit envelope; copies only) 3) R-2 (TXs of 12/1/14 & 12/8/14) 4) Declaration of Reporter Susan K. Crozier "I, Susan Crozier, CSR 4761, am in receipt of the request for additional transcripts in the above matter. I have searched my records, and have nothing to add for the dates of 11/25/14, 11/26/14, 12/2/14, 12/3/14, 12/4/14. However, I did find a relevant Wheeler motion on the date of 12-08-14 during the voir dire proceedings, and have filed this transcript with the Clerk of the Court." 5) Declaration of Clerk, Katie Womack, Deputy Clerk, dated 9/15/15 "The clerk's office is unable to locate the requested Jury Questionnaires and this item therefore cannot be produced." (augmentation not complete)
09/15/2015 Exhibits lodged. People's Exhibits 1A, 5, 7, 12 (withdrawn), 18, 18A, 20, 21 Defendant's Exhibits A, D, F, G, H, L, N, Y, EE (copies only)
09/16/2015 Request filed to: Appellant's Request to Compel T. Michael Yuen, Katie Womack, Rosemary O'Connor, and Susan Crozier to Comply with this Court's Ordered Augmentation (to court)
09/22/2015 Filed letter from: Barry M. Karl, counsel for appellant, dated 9/22/15, re: e-mail from trial counsel which might assist the Court in deciding whether to order/compel various persons to supply the ordered augmentation
10/23/2015 Order filed. Appellant's "request to compel T. Michael Yuen, Katie Womack, Rosemary O'Connor and Susan Crozier to comply with this court's ordered augmentation", filed on September 16, 2015, is denied as moot since the court did receive on October 5, 2015, three volumes of the juror questionnaires. The three volumes of juror questionnaires received, however, are not paginated. In the interest of a uniform record on appeal and good cause appearing, the parties and the clerk of this court are directed to return, on or before October 30, 2015, their respective copies of the three volumes of juror questionnaires to the San Francisco Superior Court Clerk for consecutive pagination. The Clerk of the Superior Court shall return the repaginated juror questionnaires on or before November 10, 2015. The court received on September 15, 2015 a Declaration of Reporter Susan K. Crozier that she was in receipt of the request for additional transcripts. She stated that she had searched her records and have nothing to add for the dates of November 25, 2014, November 26, 2014, December 2, 2014, December 3, 2014 and December 4, 2014. Unless counsel for appellant can provide evidence that these hearings took place, the record on appeal is deemed complete. On the court's own motion, the due date for filing appellant's opening brief shall be 30 (thirty) days after the repaginated juror questionnaires are filed with this court.
10/23/2015 Note: 3 volumes juror questionnaires returned this date to: San Francisco County Superior Court ATTN: Katie Womack Felony Appeals Desk Hall of Justice 850 Bryant Street, Room 101 San Francisco, CA 94103
10/26/2015 Motion/application to augment record filed. Appelalnt's Second Application to Augment Record on Appeal and for an Extension of Time to File Appellant's Opening Brief (to court)
10/30/2015 Supplemental record/transcript filed. 3 volumes of repaginated juror questionnaires Volume 1 of 3 (pages 1-346) Volume 2 of 3 (pages 347-673) Volume 3 of 3 (pages 674-1083)
11/03/2015 Filed letter from: Dep. Attorney General Victoria Ratnikova, counsel for respondent, re: "On November 2, 2015, respondent returned volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the juror questionnaires to San Frnacisco Superior Court . . . ." (see full text of letter)
11/06/2015 Augmentation granted. (See order.) (AOB to 30 days from filing of augmentation)
12/15/2015 Augmented record filed. (AOB to 30 days from filing of augmentation) R-6 (TX of 11-26-14 Vol. 2 pp. 151-157; 12-2-14 Vol. 3 pp. 158-317; 12-3-14 Vol. 4 pp. 318-506; 12-4-14 Vol. 5 pp. 507-694; 12-8-14 Vol. 6 pp. 695-927; and 12-9-14 Vo. 7 pp. 928-1008) Declaration of Dep. Co. Clerk Katie Womack re: "Please see attached declarations of reporters attesting that there are no applicable proceedings for the augmented dates of November 24, 2014 and November 25, 2014 and therefore transcripts are not produced herewith." (dated 12-15-15; declarations from CSR J. Prior and CSR Crozier) (augmentation complete)
12/17/2015 Letter sent to counsel re: augmentation complete; AOB due 30 days
01/13/2016 Requested - extension of time.
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Description: Affirmed in full
Date: 07/10/2018
Disposition Type: Final The judgment is affirmed.
Publication Status: Signed Unpublished
Author: Kline, J. Anthony
Participants: Stewart, Therese M. (Concur) Richman, James A. (Concur)
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