Court Case Record The People v. Francis A137765 UID(5cde)

The People v. Francis Court Case Record

Court Case Number: A137765

Case NumberA137765
Case TitleThe People v. Francis
Case TypeCR
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address1st Appellate District
Field Date
Close Date1/20/2017


Office of the Attorney General
455 Golden Gate Avenue - Suite 11000
San Francisco, CA 94102-7004

Contact Name: John H. Deist

The PeoplePlaintiff and Respondent
First District Appellate Project
First District Appellate Project
475 Fourteenth Street, Suite 650
Oakland, CA 94612

John Frederick Schuck, III
885 North San Antonio Road - Suite A
Los Altos, CA 94022

Carlos FrancisDefendant and Appellant
Docket (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
02/01/2013 Notice of appeal lodged/received (criminal).
02/25/2013 County clerk extension requested. by Clerk Anna Nuestro to 3/23/13.
02/26/2013 County clerk extension granted.
03/18/2013 Counsel appointment order filed. John F. Schuck, (Independent - 40 Days)
04/04/2013 Court reporter extension requested. by CSR Lori Cheda to 4/26/13.
04/08/2013 Court reporter extension granted. CSR: Cheda, Lori L (8810) Extended Due Date: 04/26/2013
05/20/2013 Court reporter extension requested. by CSR Lori Cheda to 5/28/13.
05/23/2013 Court reporter extension granted. CSR: Cheda, Lori L (8810) Extended Due Date: 05/28/2013 No further extensions of time contemplated.
06/03/2013 Court reporter extension requested. by CSR Lori Cheda to 6/24/13.
06/07/2013 Denied - extension of time. 10 day default letter to issue.
06/07/2013 Reporter default letter sent. to CSR Lori Cheda regarding overdue record. If the record is not completed w/n 10 days, an osc may issue.
06/18/2013 Filed document entitled: an addendum to reporter's request for extension of time to file transcript on appeal from forwarded to DCA by Christina Brady, CSR Manager on behalf of CST Lori Cheda. (tct)
06/18/2013 Court reporter extension requested. by CSR Sarah Thompson to 6/28/13.
06/20/2013 Court reporter extension granted. CSR: Thompson, Sara (12635) Extended Due Date: 06/20/2013 extension granted to 6/20/13 only.
06/20/2013 Denied - extension of time. CSR Lori Cheda' s request for reconsideration is denied. Justice suggests that an order issue directing the superior court to follow-up.
06/20/2013 Record preparation inquiry sent. Follow up on record preparation due from the superior court regarding the overdue transcripts of CSR Lori Cheda, #8810.
07/03/2013 Record on appeal filed. CT15 - RT33; In camera proceedings - RT of 6/14/12; 6/20/12; 6/21/12; 6/25/12; 7/9/12 (pgs. 2390-2391 and 2392-2396); 8/13/12; 8/27/12; 9/10/12 (Orig. + 2) - SEALED; People's Exhibit 99 - Confidential (photocopy)
07/03/2013 Probation report filed. 2 Vols.
07/03/2013 Record in box. 4 Boxes
08/08/2013 Requested - extension of time. Appellant's opening brief. Requested for 09/11/2013 By 30 Day(s)
08/08/2013 Granted - extension of time. Appellant's opening brief. Due on 09/11/2013 By 30 Day(s)
09/06/2013 Appellant's opening brief. Defendant and Appellant: Carlos Francis Attorney: John Frederick Schuck, III
Description: Affirmed with modifications
Date: 01/20/2017
Status: Final Appellant's eight-month consecutive sentence on count 7 shall be stayed, and an amended abstract of judgment shall be forwarded to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. In all other respects, the judgment is affirmed.
Publication Status: Signed Unpublished
Author: McGuiness, William R.
Participants: Pollak, Stuart R. (Concur) Siggins, Peter J. (Concur)
Case Citation: none