Court Case Record TOAN TANG vs. WILLIAM DELANEY & others 2011-P-0697 UID(2a0f)

TOAN TANG vs. WILLIAM DELANEY & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2011-P-0697

Case Number2011-P-0697
Case TitleTOAN TANG vs. WILLIAM DELANEY & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date07/28/2009
Close Date12/12/2012


Toan TangPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Adam Simms, EsquireWilliam DelaneyDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireLawrence HendryDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireJames AntonioDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireJ VizakisDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireC MontuoriDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireK AntonioDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireW FuerDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireS MacauddaDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireOfficer BlassDefendant/Appellee
Adam Simms, EsquireFramingham Police DepartmentDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/21/2011 #1 Motion to waive entry fee, filed by Toan Tang, is allowed.
04/21/2011 #2 Entered.
04/21/2011 #2.1 Notice of entry sent.
05/05/2011 #3 Letter from defendant Toan Tang re: inquiring about status of case.
05/05/2011 #4 RE#2.1: The within appeal was entered as 11-P-697 on 4/21/11. A copy of the docket is enclosed. It appears that notice of entry was sent to MCI Cedar Junction as you had not advised the court of a change in address to Old Colony Correctional Center [notice of change of address was received 5/6/11].
05/06/2011 #5 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Toan Tang.
05/06/2011 #6 Motion to file non-conforming brief filed by Toan Tang.
05/06/2011 #7 Notice of change of address of Toan Tang.
05/17/2011 #8 RE#3 The appellant is granted an additional 120 days in which to file the brief and appendix, the same to be filed on or before 9/28/11. (Kantrowitz, J.) Notice.
05/17/2011 #9 RE#4 Denied without prejudice to renewal accompanied by an affidavit by the appellant explaining in detail why he is not able to access resources of the facility that would enable him to file a typewritten brief. (Kantrowitz, J.) Notice.
06/06/2011 #10 Motion to submit an affidavit in support for the renewal of a request to hand write brief, filed by Toan Tang #W88923.
06/08/2011 #11 RE#6: As the appellant was granted an additional 120 days to file his briefs' which is now due on or before 9/28/11, his request to file a handwritten brief is denied. (Katzmann, J.) *Notice.
06/22/2011 #12 Motion for leave to file documents by United States Postal Service Legal Mail, filed by Toan Tang #W88923.
06/22/2011 #13 RE#7: No action necessary. The standing order does not apply to incarcerated self-represented litigants. *Notice.
07/08/2011 #14 MOTION for further enlargement of time til January 28, 2012 to file the brief, filed by Toan Tang.
07/19/2011 #15 Motion to request the Appeals Court order lower court to disclose transcripts of the 9-15-10 hearing being appeald, filed by Toan Tang #W88923.
07/25/2011 #16 RE#9: To the extent the appellant's motion requests the Court to order the trial court to provide a copy of the transcript to the appellant in this civil matter free of charge, the motion is denied, as the Appeals Court is without authority to grant such relief in the absence of an appeal filed pursuant to G.L. c. 261, sec. 27D. The statute requires an appellant to file a notice of appeal within seven days after receiving notice of the court's action denying a motion for fees or costs. A review of the trial court's docket, however, shows that no notice of appeal was filed from the 2/17/11 denial of the appellant's motion. As the time in which to file a notice of appeal is statutory, it is jurisdictional, and therefore no enlargement of time to file an appeal can be granted. *Notice.
08/02/2011 #17 Motion to reconsider the denial order for the transcripts of the hearing pursuant to grounds of prejudice by Toan Tang #W88923.
08/10/2011 #18 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Toan Tang #W88923.
08/10/2011 #19 Notice of change of address of Toan Tang, Plaintiff/Appellant, Pro Se.
08/11/2011 #20 RE#10: The motion for reconsideration of the action dated 7/25/11 on paper #9 is allowed, and after reconsideration the action of that date is to stand. *Notice.
08/11/2011 #21 RE#11: Extension to 12/15/2011 granted for filing of brief of Toan Tang, Plaintiff/Appellant. Notice to counsel.