Court Case Record SHAWN FISHER vs. KELLY RYAN & another 2014-P-0615 UID(19aa)

SHAWN FISHER vs. KELLY RYAN & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2014-P-0615

Case Number2014-P-0615
Case TitleSHAWN FISHER vs. KELLY RYAN & another
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date01/16/2013
Close Date04/24/2015


Shawn FisherPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Mary C. Eiro-Bartevyan, EsquireKelly RyanDefendant/Appellee
Mary C. Eiro-Bartevyan, EsquireThomas FedeleDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/22/2014 #1 Motion to waive entry fee, filed by Shawn Fisher.
04/22/2014 #2 Entered.
04/22/2014 #3 Notice of entry sent.
04/23/2014 #4 RE#1 ALLOWED FORTHWITH. The appellant's Affidavit of Indigency appears regular and complete on its face, and indicates that the appellant is indigent. The court hereby allows the Motion to Waive entry fee. Notice sent.
05/23/2014 #5 Letter from Shawn Fisher re: Pro se litigant filing information.
05/23/2014 #6 Copy of pro se guide to appeals sent to Shawn Fisher.
06/04/2014 #7 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Shawn Fisher.
06/04/2014 #8 Motion to file non-conforming brief, filed by Shawn Fisher.
06/13/2014 #9 RE#4: Allowed for filing this date. (Sikora, J.). *Notice.
06/16/2014 #10 RE#5: In light of the relative brevity of the brief and record appendix, allowed. (Sikora, J.). *Notice.
06/16/2014 #11 SERVICE of brief & appendix (1 Vol) for Plaintiff/Appellant Shawn Fisher.
06/19/2014 #12 Motion for evidentiary hearing, filed by Shawn Fisher.
06/19/2014 #13 RE#7: Treating the within as a motion for oral argument, it is denied without prejudice to renewal upon the filing of appellee's brief, currently due on or before 7/16/14. *Notice.
06/25/2014 MOTION to extend brief due date of Kelly Ryan & Thomas Fedele.
06/25/2014 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by Kelly Ryan & Thomas Fedele.
06/27/2014 Letter from Shawn Fisher re: Copy of docket sheet.
06/30/2014 Copy of docket sent to Shawn Fisher.
06/27/2014 RE#8: Allowed to 08/18/2014. Notice sent.
06/27/2014 RE#9: Allowed. Subject to possible further action by the panel designated to decide the appeal. Notice
08/18/2014 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix (1 vol) for Defendants/Appellees Kelly Ryan, Thomas Fedele.
12/11/2014 Under consideration by Panel. (Trainor, J., Brown, J., Vuono, J.).
03/27/2015 Decision: Rule 1:28 Judgment affirmed. (Trainor, Brown & Vuono, JJ.). *Notice.