Court Case Record SAN REALTY TRUST vs. PATRICIA DIGIACOMO 2013-P-0435 UID(2b4f)


Court Case Number: 2013-P-0435

Case Number2013-P-0435
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyBoston Housing
CourtBoston Housing Court
Court Address
Field Date07/27/2010
Close Date04/14/2014


Daniel Briansky, EsquireSAN Realty TrustPlaintiff/Appellee
Patricia DiGiacomoPro Se Defendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/12/2013 #1 Entered.
03/12/2013 #2 Notice of entry sent.
03/12/2013 #3 Affidavit of Indigency, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
03/12/2013 #4 RE#2 ALLOWED FORTHWITH. The appellant's Affidavit of Indigency appears regular and complete on its face, and indicates that the appellant is indigent. The court hereby allows the Motion to Waive entry fee. Notice sent.
03/21/2013 #5 Motion to allow handwritten and hand-delivered docketing statement, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
03/21/2013 #6 Motion for additional transcript(s) and stay appellate proceedings, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
03/22/2013 #7 Docketing Statement received from Patricia DiGiacomo.^
03/27/2013 #8 RE#3: Allowed and accepted for filing. *Notice.
03/27/2013 #9 RE#4: Appellant's motions for additional transcripts are denied without prejudice to renewal, on or before 4/8/13, and including an affidavit stating why the transcripts are needed for this appeal, where the appeal concerns appellant's appeal from the trial court's dismissal of her appeal, and where the trial court judge in her appeal bond order of 11/4/11 expressly stated she would not authorize funds for transcripts of non-evidentiary hearings prior or subsequent to trial as the court's written orders were sufficient for appeal purposes. *Notice.
04/08/2013 #10 Motion to reverse decision to deny appellant's motion for additional transcripts, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
04/09/2013 #11 RE#6: These proceedings are stayed until 5/9/13. The appellant is granted leave to file, and the trial court to consider, a motion to expand the record on appeal to include the transcripts that the appellant has obtained. A status report is due on 5/9/13 from the appellant updating this court on the filing of such motion and any ruling. *Notice/Attest.
04/25/2013 #12 Clarification, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
05/07/2013 #13 Status Report, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
05/07/2013 #15 RE#8: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 06/07/2013. Status report due 06/07/2013 concerning transcript proceedings in trial court. *Notice/Attest.
06/07/2013 #16 Status Report, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
06/13/2013 #17 RE#9: Allowed. Appellate proceedings STAYED to 07/15/13 with a status report due then. Appellant is reminded that this appeal concerns the dismissal of her appeal. As such, plaintiffs should seek production of only those transcripts necessary for purposes of review of the trial court's order dismissing her appeal. Notice
07/16/2013 #18 Request to allow late transcription status report, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
07/16/2013 #19 Status Report, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
07/17/2013 #20 RE#10: Allowed. The status report is accepted. *Notice.
07/17/2013 #21 RE#11: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 08/16/2013. Status report due 08/16/2013 as to the status of the appellant's efforts to obtain the recordings of the proceedings. *Notice.
08/19/2013 #22 Status Report, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.
08/19/2013 Motion to allow filing of late transcription status report, filed by Patricia DiGiacomo.