Court Case Record ROBERT SZEWCZYK vs. ROSEMARY SZEWCZYK 2013-P-1271 UID(148d)


Court Case Number: 2013-P-1271

Case Number2013-P-1271
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date06/02/2010
Close Date08/06/2014


Robert SzewczykPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Rosemary SzewczykPro Se Defendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
08/09/2013 #1 Affidavit of Indigency, filed by Robert Szewczyk.
08/09/2013 #2 Entered.
08/09/2013 #3 Notice of entry sent.
08/09/2013 #4 RE#1 ALLOWED FORTHWITH. The appellant's Affidavit of Indigency appears regular and complete on its face, and indicates that the appellant is indigent. The court hereby allows the Motion to Waive entry fee. Notice sent.
08/15/2013 #5 Docketing Statement received from Robert Szewczyk^
08/15/2013 #6 Impoundment note: Pages #26,#27, and #28 of Defendant's "Motion to Dismiss Complaint" are impounded, as required by statute (see docketing statement).
09/10/2013 #7 Motion for additional transcripts, filed by Robert Szewczyk^
09/12/2013 #8 ORDER: The appeal is stayed and the Clerk of the Trial Court (Middlesex Superior Court) is to provide to the parties a transcript of the proceeding Hearing, Ct Room 740, 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. which took place on 08/10/2010 & 9/30/2010. If, within three months of this order, i.e., on or before 12/11/2013, a transcript has not been filed in the trial court and transmitted to the Appeals Court, the requesting party is to file a status report with the Appeals Court that explains the delay and offer an estimated completion date of the transcript. Furthermore, the requesting party shall file a status report with the Appeals Court within seven days of the filing of the transcript. *Notice/Attest.
12/06/2013 #9 Status Report, filed by Robert Szewczyk.
12/09/2013 #10 RE#6: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 01/13/2014. Status report due 01/13/2014 regarding production of the transcript. *Notice.
12/30/2013 #11 Motion for contempt on Clerks' violation of order to supply additional transcripts for Robert Szewczyk received by email. Rejection email sent for the following reason: the case has not been assigned to a panel; a paper copy or copies must be filed with the court instead.
12/31/2013 #12 Revised docket entries and Plaintiff's Notice of Appeal (certified; two copies) received from Middlesex Superior Court.
01/02/2014 #13 Status Report, filed by Robert Szewczyk.
01/02/2014 Motion for contempt on Clerks' Violation of Order of Supply Additional Transcripts, filed by Robert Szewczyk.
01/06/2014 MOTION to strike clerks' resubmission of docket and notice of appeal, filed by Robert Szewczyk.
01/06/2014 RE#8: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 03/07/2014. Status report due then concerning transcripts. If not ready, appellant is to detail the steps he has taken to facilitate transcript production and ascertain anticipated date that transcripts will be ready. *Notice.
01/06/2014 RE#9: See action on paper #8. *Notice.
01/06/2014 RE#10: Referred to the panel designated to decide this appeal. *Notice^
02/03/2014 Notice of appeal, filed by Robert Szewczyk.
02/11/2014 RE#11: Treating the within as a motion for reconsideration of "all orders and rulings of the Court entered on January 6, 2014," said motion is denied without prejudice to renewal accompanied by a clear statement of: the specific orders and rulings challenged, the specific relief requested, and grounds supporting the relief requested. *Notice.
03/28/2014 Notice preceding dismissal: Standing Order Governing Dismissals for Lack of Prosecution.
04/04/2014 Motion for enlargement of time for resubmission of status report, filed by Robert Szewczyk.