Court Case Record RICHARD D. BOSTWICK vs. SOVEREIGN BANK & others 2013-P-0296 UID(83fb)

RICHARD D. BOSTWICK vs. SOVEREIGN BANK & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2013-P-0296

Case Number2013-P-0296
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date05/07/2009
Close Date05/09/2014


Richard D. BostwickPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Donn A. Randall, EsquireSovereign BankDefendant/Appellee
Donn A. Randall, EsquireSovereign Bancorp, Inc.Defendant/Appellee
Thomas Enright, EsquireFederal National Mortgage AssociDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/19/2013 #1 Motion to waive entry fee, filed by Richard D. Bostwick.
02/19/2013 #2 RE#1: Allowed under subpart (A). (Cohen, J.). *Notice.
02/19/2013 #3 Entered.
02/19/2013 #4 Notice of entry sent.
03/06/2013 #5 Motion for leave of court to file the paper copy of civil docketing statement, filed by Richard D. Bostwick.
03/06/2013 #6 Docketing Statement received from Richard D. Bostwick. (Paper copy) ^
03/07/2013 #7 ***IMPOUNDEMENT NOTE*** Physical and Mental Health Records Concerning Emotional Distress. See Docketing Statement.
03/07/2013 #8 RE#3: Allowed. *Notice.
03/18/2013 #9 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Richard D. Bostwick.
03/18/2013 #10 RE#5: Extension to 06/13/2013 granted for filing of brief of Richard D. Bostwick, Plaintiff/Appellant. Notice to counsel.
05/20/2013 #11 Motion to proceed in forma pauperis under M.R.A.P. 12(b) to file briefs, appendices and other papers in typewritten form and request that the appeal be heard under a M.R.A.P. 19(b)(1) lesser number of copies, filed by Richard D. Bostwick.
05/20/2013 #12 RE#6: To the extent appellant seeks to file a lesser amount of brief and appendix volumes than the rules require, the motion is allowed in part, and the appellant is granted leave to file 4 copies of the brief/appendix and to serve 1 copy on each opposing counsel. Appellant's brief and appendix remains due on or before 6/13/13. *Notice.
06/13/2013 #13 SERVICE of 4 briefs, 4 impounded appendices, 4 addendums, 4 sets appendices (Vols. 1 -10) and 4 sets transcripts for Plaintiff/Appellant Richard D. Bostwick.
06/13/2013 #14 Notice of Impounded material in brief and separate appendix, filed by Richard D. Bostwick.
07/10/2013 #15 MOTION to extend brief due date of Sovereign Bank, Sovereign Bancorp, Inc., & Federal National Mortgage Association.
07/11/2013 #16 RE#9: Allowed to 08/16/2013. *Notice to counsel.
07/12/2013 #17 Notice of change of address of Thomas Enright, Esquire.
08/16/2013 #18 SERVICE of brief for Defendants/Appellees Sovereign Bank & Sovereign Bancorp, Inc.
08/19/2013 #19 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Federal National Mortgage Association.
08/21/2013 #20 Corporate disclosure statement filed for Sovereign Bank by Donn A. Randall.
08/26/2013 #21 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Richard D. Bostwick.
08/29/2013 #22 Notice of change of address of Thomas Enright, Esquire.