Court Case Record Propocess It Inc vs. Dominic A. Marraffa 2010-J-0549 UID(9e06)

Propocess It Inc vs. Dominic A. Marraffa Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-J-0549

Case Number2010-J-0549
Case TitlePropocess It Inc vs. Dominic A. Marraffa
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyHousing . Northeast
CourtHousing Court. Northeast
Court Address
Field Date12/02/2010
Close Date12/02/2010


Richard L. Vitali, EsquirePropocess It IncPlaintiff/Respondent
Dominic A. MarraffaPro Se Defendant/Petitioner
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
12/02/2010 #1 Motion to waive entry fee, filed by Dominic A. Marraffa, is allowed.
12/02/2010 #2 MOTION for stay under MRAP 6(A) w/attach, filed by [party].
12/02/2010 #3 ORDER: After examination of defendant's petition for relief filed pursuant to Mass. R. App. P. 6(a), the Court DENIES the requested stay and injunctive order against eviction. After careful study of the present petition, filed this date, of the docketed history of this case and related litigation, and of the Memorandum and Order Pursuant to Rule 1:28 rendered by three justices of this Court on July 19, 2010 (See 09-P-2056), I find no legally recognized grounds for the requested relief. As a matter of leniency, I urge, but do not order, the plaintiff to permit Mr. Marraffa time through the close of December 10, 2010, for the orderly withdrawal from the 18 Village Street Trust property (Sikora, J.). Notice/attest/Kerman, J./image