Court Case Record PAWEL SWIERCZYNSKI & others vs. SPS NEW ENGLAND INC & others 2010-J-0155 UID(c28b)

PAWEL SWIERCZYNSKI & others vs. SPS NEW ENGLAND INC & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-J-0155

Case Number2010-J-0155
Case TitlePAWEL SWIERCZYNSKI & others vs. SPS NEW ENGLAND INC & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date03/26/2010
Close Date03/30/2010


Robert W. Norton, EsquirePawel SwierczynskiPlaintiff/Respondent
Robert W. Norton, EsquireBeata SwierczynskiPlaintiff/Respondent
Robert W. Norton, EsquireAlison SwierczynskiPlaintiff/Respondent
Jeremy Y. Weltman, EsquireSPS New England IncDefendant/Petitioner
James P. Purcell Associates IncDefendant
Joseph C. Abate, EsquireSuarez and Sons Construction CoDefendant
Robin Aaronson Maher, EsquireAggregate Industries IncDefendant
Steven M. O'Brien, EsquireCampbell Foundry CompanyDefendant
Infrastructure Products IncDefendant
Kevin Hensley, EsquireMunicipal Castings IncDefendant
Scott J. Tucker, EsquirePublic Works Supply Co IncDefendant
Joseph H. Aronson, EsquireE.J. Prescott IncDefendant
Joseph H. Aronson, EsquireQuality Water Products IncDefendant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/26/2010 #1 PETITION purs to GLc 231, s. 118 w/attach, filed by SPS New England Inc.
03/30/2010 #2 RE#1: The defendant has filed a petition pursuant to G.L. c. 231, S 118 (first par.), seeking review of a Superior Court judge's denial of the defendant's motion for partial summary judgment. The petition requests that the single justice enter an order that vacates the denial and enters an allowance of the motion. Consequently, the petition must be denied because the relief requested is outcome determinative. See Mass.R.A.P. 15(c) ("a single justice may not dismiss or otherwise determine an appeal or other proceeding"). (Meade, J.) *Notice/Attest/Brassard, J.
04/02/2010 Motion to reconsider paper #1, filed by SPS New England, Inc.
04/05/2010 RE#2: The Defendant's motion for reconsideration (paper #2) of the single justice's action dated 3/30/10 on the defendant's petition for interlocutory relief pursuant to G.L. c. 231 s. 118 (paper #1) is allowed, and after reconsideration, the single justice's action denying the petition is to stand. The additional request to grant an interlocutory appeal is denied (Meade, J.). Notice/attest/Brassard, J.