Court Case Record PAUL F. SOMMER vs. D. D. MONGA & others 2004-P-0591 UID(0468)

PAUL F. SOMMER vs. D. D. MONGA & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2004-P-0591

Case Number2004-P-0591
Case TitlePAUL F. SOMMER vs. D. D. MONGA & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date05/08/1989
Close Date10/03/2006


Peter S. Brooks, Esquire Cathy P. Brooks, EsquirePaul F. SommerPlaintiff/Appellee
D. D. MongaDefendant/Appellee
Dharam D. Dev Monga, EsquireCore Enviromental & EngineeringDefendant/Appellee
Dharam D. Dev Monga, EsquireSubsurface Technologies, Inc.Defendant/Appellee
John C. Ottenberg, EsquireJohn C. OttenbergReceiver
Envirotech Management, Inc.Defendant
Lisa Fishbone Wallack, Esquire Terrence M. Schwab, Esquire John R. Baraniak, Jr., EsquireVanguard Fiduciary TrustDefendant/Appellee
Lisa Fishbone Wallack, Esquire Terrence M. Schwab, EsquireVanguard/Morgan Growth Fund, IncDefendant/Appellee
Franklin/Templeton Inves Ser IncDefendant
Franklin Utilities FundDefendant
Franklin Custodian Funds, Inc.Defendant
Alexander W. Moore, Esquire Inactive Seth B. Kosto, Esquire Withdrawn Terrence M. Schwab, Esquire Kristin Moody, EsquireFounders Funds, Inc.Defendant/Appellee
Citadel Service Co., Inc.Defendant
Lisa Fishbone Wallack, Esquire Terrence M. Schwab, EsquireInvestors Fiduciary Trust CoDefendant/Appellee
Edmunds J. BrokansOut of state counsel
Edmunds J. BrokansOther interested party
Shantee Maharaj MongaOther interested party
Andrew W. Troop, Esq.Other interested party
Phoenix Enviromental ServicesOther interested party
John G. S. Flym, EsquireShantee MaharjOther/Appellant
Enviro Tech Management, Inc.Other interested party
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/26/2004 #1 RENEWED MOTION to waive entry fee filed by Shantee Maharaj.
04/26/2004 #2 RE#1 Upon receipt of a reduced entry fee of $100, on or before 4/26/04, the appeal will be entered. (Cohen, J.)
04/26/2004 #3 Entered.
05/05/2004 #4 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Shantee Maharj, w/attach.
05/06/2004 #5 RE#3: Allowed to 10/5/04 only, in conformance with this Court's policy of allowing no more than 120 days of enlargement. Further enlargement to accomodate Attorney Flynn's travel schedule, once he files an appearance, will not be allowed. *Notice.
05/11/2004 #6 Mail to Cathy Brooks returned.."EXP". Telephone "not in service". Not listed in Lawyers Diary.
05/14/2004 #7 Mail to Atty Alexander Moore returned.....unable to forward..moved left no address.....
05/18/2004 #8 Mail to Edmunds Brokans such number/street...not deliverable...unable to forward (both addresses).
05/18/2004 #9 Mail to D.D.Monga, Dharam Monga and Shantee Monga returned......not deliverable..unable to forward (all have the same address).
09/24/2004 #10 Notice of change of address of Shantee Maharaj.
09/24/2004 #11 Motion to dispense with appendix requirements and proceed on original record or have appellees supplement appendix filed by Shantee Maharj.
09/27/2004 #12 RE#5: The request to proceed on the original record is denied. Appellant may file an appendix consisting only of the record materials she wishes to include. Appellees are granted leave to file a supplemental appendix. Costs will abide the appeal. (Perretta, J.) *Notice.
09/29/2004 #13 Limited opposition to appellants' emergency motion to dispense with appendix requirements, filed by the Fund appellees.
09/29/2004 #14 RE#6: See this court's action of 9/27/04 on paper #5. *Notice.
10/05/2004 #15 Mail (2) to Phoenix Environmental returned..."not at this address". Notice received w/correct address.
10/07/2004 #16 Motion for leave to file appellants' brief with a non-conforming footnote font size, filed by Shantee Maharj.
10/13/2004 #17 RE#7: Denied. The appellant shall file, on or before 10/27/04, a brief containing footnote, that conform to MRAP 20(a), in a brief that does not exceed 50 pages. (Kafker, J.) *Notice.
10/27/2004 #18 Notice of appearance of John G. S. Flym, Esquire for Shantee Maharj.
10/27/2004 #19 SERVICE of brief & appendix-4 vols., 2 sets for Other/Appellant Shantee Maharj.
11/17/2004 #20 MOTION to extend time to file a brief and appendix, filed by John C. Ottenberg.
11/17/2004 #21 MOTION to extend brief due and supplemental appendix of Paul F. and Sommers Environmental Technologies, Inc.
11/18/2004 #22 RE#10: Allowed. The appellee's brief and supplemental appendix shall be due on or before 1/17/05. No further enlargements. *Notice.