Court Case Record MOIRA C. MILLS vs. FATHER PATRICK ARMANO & others 2008-P-0662 UID(3afd)

MOIRA C. MILLS vs. FATHER PATRICK ARMANO & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2008-P-0662

Case Number2008-P-0662
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
Court Address
Field Date10/04/2006
Close Date03/18/2009


Moira C. MillsPlaintiff/Appellant
R. Robert Popeo, EsquireFather Patrick ArmanoDefendant/Appellee
John P. Ryan, EsquireMolly FinnDefendant/Appellee
John P. Ryan, EsquireDennis FinnDefendant/Appellee
Brian RoseDefendant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
04/15/2008 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 2006-J-0449.
04/15/2008 #2 Order: The record is assembled as to the appeal from the order of Cohen, J. dated April 9, 2008, denying Moira C. Mill's motion to wiave the entry fee and costs..................the entry fee for the panel appeal is waived....................." (Cohen, J.) *Notice/Attest/Image.
04/15/2008 #3 Entered.
04/15/2008 #4 Notice of entry sent.
05/27/2008 #5 MOTION for leave to file late appeal (brief), filed by Moira C. Mills.
05/28/2008 #6 RE#3: The within is treated as a motion to enlarge time to file appellant's brief and appendix and as such allowed to 6/11/08. *Notice.
06/16/2008 #7 MOTION for leave to file late brief, w/attach. filed by Moira C. Mills.
06/18/2008 #8 RE#4: The motion is allowed and the appellant's brief and appendix are accepted for filing this date. *Notice to counsel.
06/18/2008 #9 SERVICE of brief with Vol. I appendix attached, Vol., II appendix 7 sets containing impounded document for Plaintiff/Appellant Moira C. Mills.
07/28/2008 Letter from Michael S. Day, Esquire re: Father Patrick Armano will neither be submitting a red brief, nor requesting to be heard at any oral argument in the appeal of the Court's order dated April 9, 2008.
10/21/2008 Notice of change of address of Moira C. Mills.
12/05/2008 Motion for leave of Appeals Court to file motion for relief of judgment in Superior Court filed by Moira C. Mills.
12/08/2008 RE#8: Denied without prejudice to refiling accompanied by a copy of the proposed Rule 60(b) motion, which the Superior Court's docket indicates was filed on 12/4/08. *Notice.
12/16/2008 Placed on January non-argument list.
01/30/2009 Under consideration by Panel. (C BY KZ).
02/18/2009 Decision: Rule 1:28 Order denying request for waiver of entry fees and costs affirmed (C BY KZ). Notice. (See image on file.)
03/18/2009 RESCRIPT to Trial Court.