Court Case Record MICHAEL J. DUGGAN vs. JOSEPH C. GONSALVES & another 2004-P-1340 UID(c6aa)

MICHAEL J. DUGGAN vs. JOSEPH C. GONSALVES & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2004-P-1340

Case Number2004-P-1340
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyHousing , Southeast
CourtHousing Court, Southeast
Court Address
Field Date04/26/2002
Close Date01/04/2006


C. Thomas Faust, Esquire Withdrawn Michael J. Duggan, Esquire Inactive George P. Lordan, Jr., EsquireMichael J. DugganPlaintiff/Appellee
Michael W. Zinni, EsquireJoseph C. GonsalvesDefendant/Appellant
Michael W. Zinni, EsquireDorothy M. GonsalvesDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
09/28/2004 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 2003-J-0352, 2004-J-0467.
09/28/2004 #2 Entered.
09/28/2004 #3 MOTION to waive second entry fee, filed by Joseph C. Gonsalves and Dorothy M. Gonsalves.
09/30/2004 #4 RE#2: Allowed. (Perretta, J.) *Notice.
11/09/2004 #5 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Defendants/Appellants Joseph C. and Dorothy M. Gonsalves.
12/16/2004 #6 Notice of appearance of Michael J. Duggan, Esquire for Michael J. Duggan.
12/16/2004 #7 MOTION to withdraw as counsel for Michael J. Duggan, filed by C. Thomas Faust, Esquire.
12/16/2004 #8 RE#5: The motion is allowed and Attorney Faust is permitted to withdraw this date. *Notice.
12/16/2004 #9 SERVICE of brief for Plaintiff/Appellee Michael J. Duggan.
12/24/2004 SERVICE of reply brief for Defendants/Appellants Joseph C. Gonsalves & Dorothy M. Gonsalves.
04/12/2005 Notice of 05/09/2005, 9:30 A.M. argument at John Adams Courthouse sent.
05/09/2005 Oral argument held. (GB B BY).
12/07/2005 Decision: Full Opinion (Berry, J.). Judgments vacated. Further proceedings are necessary to formulate a constructive trust to be imposed in favor of the Gonsalveses. To unwind the financial morass which attorney Duggan made infinitely more murkey, to determine the respective amounts to which the Gonsalveses are entitled, and to order whatever actions are best undertaken to secure the constructive trust, the case is remanded for an accounting in conformity with this opinion. This court, in its discretion, may appoint a master to conduct this accounting. *Notice.
01/04/2006 RESCRIPT to Trial Court.