Court Case Record MARCIA MCGARRY & others vs. STEPHEN CHEW & another 2007-P-0249 UID(82af)

MARCIA MCGARRY & others vs. STEPHEN CHEW & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2007-P-0249

Case Number2007-P-0249
Case TitleMARCIA MCGARRY & others vs. STEPHEN CHEW & another
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtEssex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date11/07/2001
Close Date05/29/2008


David C. McBride, EsquireMarcia McGarryPlaintiff/Appellee
David C. McBride, EsquireCynthia WyrockiPlaintiff/Appellee
David C. McBride, EsquireEdward ChewPlaintiff/Appellee
David C. McBride, EsquireCarol ColburnPlaintiff/Appellee
Stephen ChewDefendant
Susan E. Stenger, EsquireChristine ChewDefendant/Appellant
BanknorthOther interested party
Sovereign BankOther interested party
Donald J. Barry, Jr., EsquireCitizens BankOther interested party
A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.Other interested party
Sherry Wolk, EsquireOut-of-state counsel
Stephen G. SneeringerOther interested party
William Royal, Jr., EsquireJohn J. Hart, Jr.Intervener/Appellant
William Royal, Jr., EsquireBrian HartIntervener/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/20/2007 #1 **** Cross Appeal ****
02/20/2007 #2 Entered.
02/20/2007 #3 Notice of entry sent.
02/21/2007 #4 Additional fee of $600.00 received from John J. Hart, Jr. & Brian Hart, Trustee.
03/13/2007 #5 JOINT MOTION to enter stipulation regarding designation of appellants and appellees as an order, filed by the parties.
03/13/2007 #6 RE#3: Allowed. Pursuant to the within stipulation, the defendants and Intervenors are designated as the appellants, and the plaintiffs are designated as appellees/cross-appellants. *Notice.
03/23/2007 #7 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Christine Chew, and Intervenor-Appellants Brian D. Hart, as Trustee of the Mary Louise Hart 1988 Trust, and John Hart, Jr.
03/23/2007 #8 RE#4: Allowed to 4/26/07. *Notice to counsel.
04/18/2007 #9 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Christine Chew, Brian D. Hart, & John Hart, Jr.
04/19/2007 #10 RE#5: Allowed until 05/15/07. Notice
05/16/2007 #11 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Defendant/Appellant Christine Chew. (B=7, Appdx.=7-1vol.)
06/04/2007 #12 Letter from Office of A. G. Edwards and Sons re: Sherry Wolk will be their attorney of record.
06/12/2007 #13 MOTION to extend brief due date of Marcia McGarry, Cynthia Wyrocki, Edward Chew & Carol Colburn.
06/12/2007 #14 RE#8: Extension to 07/16/2007 granted for filing of brief of Plaintiffs/Appellees. No further enlargement. *Notice.
07/16/2007 #15 SERVICE of brief for Plaintiffs/Appellees. Marcia McGarry.
07/25/2007 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Christine Chew, Brian Hart & John J. Hart, Jr.
07/25/2007 RE#10 Allowed until 8/17/07. *Notice.
08/20/2007 SERVICE of reply brief for Defendant/Appellant Christine Chew.
10/04/2007 Notice of change of address/firm of William Royal, Jr., Esquire.
12/27/2007 Notice of 01/11/2008, 9:30 A.M. argument at John Adams Courthouse sent.
01/11/2008 Oral argument held. (MC A MD).
03/06/2008 Letter of William Royal, Jr., Esquire re: in response to questions raised by the panel, pursuant to Rule 16(l).