Court Case Record LEONA L. TEVARI vs. CHARU TEVARI 2011-P-0442 UID(8529)


Court Case Number: 2011-P-0442

Case Number2011-P-0442
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountySomerville District, MI
CourtSomerville District, MI
Court Address
Field Date06/27/2008
Close Date03/02/2012


Kimberly A. Mottley, Esquire Withdrawn Amy Crafts, Esquire Vincent Lai, Esquire Laurence M. Kelley, EsquireLeona L. TevariPlaintiff/Appellee
Gregory A. Hession, EsquireCharu TevariDefendant/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/14/2011 #1 Transcripts received: vols: 1; sets: 1 in Clerk's envelope.
03/14/2011 #2 Entered.
03/14/2011 #3 Notice of entry sent.
04/11/2011 #4 MOTION to stay, filed by Charu Tevari.
04/11/2011 #5 RE#2: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 05/11/2011. Status report or motion to consolidate appeals due by then. Notice
04/13/2011 #6 Notice of withdrawal as counsel for Leona L. Tevari, filed by Kimberly A. Mottley.
04/13/2011 #7 Notice of appearance of Amy Crafts for Leona L. Tevari.
04/13/2011 #8 Notice of appearance of Vincent Lai for Leona L. Tevari.
04/20/2011 #9 RE#3 Allowed. Attorney Mottley's appearance is hereby withdrawn. Notice.
05/13/2011 #10 MOTION to stay, filed by Charu Tevari.
05/13/2011 #10.5 RE#6: Appellate proceedings STAYED to 07/12/2011. Status report due on or before that date. *Notice.
07/12/2011 #11 Status Report, filed by Charu Tevari.
12/01/2011 #12 RE#7: Although an action on P#7 was prepared by the court on 8/8/11, no entry of that action on the docket followed. Counsel for the appellant has indicated that the record is complete as to the appellant's appeal of the motion to vacate the restraining order, however the record has yet to be assembled by the trial court. Appellate proceedings are further stayed to 12/31/11, on or before which date a status report shall be filed regarding efforts by counsel to effectuate the completion of the assembly of the record. *Notice.
12/02/2011 #13 Notice of change of address of Gregory A. Hession, Esquire.
12/02/2011 Copy of Letters to Somerville District Court regarding request for assembly and filing of Transcript for Motion to Reconsider received from Sandra L. Hession, Paralegal.
12/23/2011 MOTION to consolidate 2011-P-0442 with 2011-P-2086, filed by Charu Tevari.
12/23/2011 RE#10: Allowed. The appeal in 11-P-2086 is hereby consolidated with the appeal in 11-P-442 and the appeal in 11-P-2086 is closed. All future filings shall refer to 11-P-442. The stay of appellate proceedings is hereby vacated. Appellant's brief is due on or before 02/06/12. Notice/attest
01/03/2012 Motion for extension to file opposition to motion to consolidate, filed by Leona L. Tevari.
01/04/2012 RE#10.5: Appellee may file a motion for reconsideration on or before 1/10/12. *Notice.
01/05/2012 Status Report, filed by Charu Tevari.
01/09/2012 RE#11: No action necessary as the stay has been vacated. Refer to this Court's action on paper #10. *Notice.
02/06/2012 Notice of withdrawal of appeal, filed by Charu Tevari.