Court Case Record Katerina Gates & others vs. Conservatn Commn Manchester by the Sea 2010-P-1019 UID(14a2)

Katerina Gates & others vs. Conservatn Commn Manchester by the Sea Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-P-1019

Case Number2010-P-1019
Case TitleKaterina Gates & others vs. Conservatn Commn Manchester by the Sea
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtEssex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date06/30/2009
Close Date08/18/2010


John L. Hamilton, EsquireKaterina GatesPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireElisabeth ClarkPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireAlexandra Garcia MataPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireJudith SudduthPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireKenneth SmithPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireRobert JermainPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireAdele Q. ErvinPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireJuliet G. ChamberlainPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireTimothy G. GatesPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireChristopher GatesPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireMichael GatesPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireJonathan GatesPlaintiff/Appellant
John L. Hamilton, EsquireAmbia SmithPlaintiff/Appellant
Michele E. Randazzo, Esquire Inactive John J. Goldrosen, EsquireConservatn Commn Manchester by the SeaDefendant/Appellee
Richard A. Nylen, Jr., EsquireSchool Dept. of Manchester By the SeaOther interested party
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
06/10/2010 #1 Entered.
06/10/2010 #2 Notice of entry sent.
06/10/2010 #3 MOTION to waive entry fees, filed by Katerina Gates and Other Concerned Citizens of Manchester.
06/15/2010 #4 RE#2 The motion to waive the additional filing fees is allowed. Notice
06/21/2010 #5 Notice of appearance of John J. Goldrosen for Conservatn Commn Manchester by the Sea.
07/02/2010 Notice of appearance of Richard A. Nylen Jr. for Manchester-Essex Regional School District.
08/12/2010 Agreement to dismiss appeal pursuant to M.R.A.P. 29(b), filed by parties.
08/18/2010 RE#5 Pursuant to M.R.A.P. 29(b) the appeal is dismissed with prejudice and without an award of fees or costs to any party. Notice/attest/image