Court Case Record KEVIN MACDONNELL vs. CITY OF WORCESTER & another 2011-P-1637 UID(4446)

KEVIN MACDONNELL vs. CITY OF WORCESTER & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2011-P-1637

Case Number2011-P-1637
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyInd Accident Rev Bd
CourtInd Accident Rev Bd
Court Address
Field Date10/20/2008
Close Date08/16/2012


James N. Ellis, Esquire Charles E. Berg, EsquireKevin MacDonnellPlaintiff/Appellant
Theresa Reichert, EsquireCity of WorcesterDefendant/Appellee
Parks & Recreati WorcesterDefendant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
09/20/2011 #1 Entered.
09/20/2011 #2 Notice of entry sent.
09/29/2011 #3 Additional docket fee in the amount of $300 received from Theresa Reichert, Esquire for City of Worcester.
09/29/2011 #4 **** Cross Appeal ****
11/14/2011 #5 Notice of rejection of brief of Kevin MacDonnell as noncompliant because appellant has filed only 1 copy of the brief and record appendix on this court when 7 copies are required by M.R.A.P. 19(b)(1). Appellant is to file the outstanding 6 copies of brief and record appendix with the Appeals Court no later than 11/23/2011. *Notice sent.
11/21/2011 #6 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Kevin MacDonnell.
12/06/2011 #7 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee City of Worcester.
12/22/2011 #8 SERVICE of reply brief for Plaintiff/Appellant Kevin MacDonnell.
03/07/2012 #9 Notice of 04/06/2012, 9:30 AM argument at John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 3 (a3) sent.
04/06/2012 #10 Oral argument held. (Katzmann, J., Rubin, J., Fecteau, J.).
05/03/2012 #11 Letter pursuant to MRAP 16(l) filed by Kevin MacDonnell.@
05/04/2012 #12 Response to paper #8, filed by City of Worcester.@
07/19/2012 #13 Decision: Full Opinion Decision of reviewing board affirmed. (Katzmann, J.). *Notice.
08/15/2012 Motion for attorney's fees and costs, filed by Kevin MacDonnell.@
08/16/2012 RESCRIPT to Trial Court.
08/20/2012 OPPOSITION to paper #11, filed by City of Worcester.@
05/14/2013 ORDER: Upon consideration of the plaintiff's motion for attorney's fees and costs, it is ordered that attorney's fees and costs be allowed in the amount of $4,775.25. Any proceedings to enforce this order shall be commenced in the Trial Court. (Katzmann, Rubin & Fecteau, JJ.). *Notice/Attest.