Court Case Record KELLEY COLLINS vs. WILLIAM J. COLLINS 2014-P-1874 UID(2a57)


Court Case Number: 2014-P-1874

Case Number2014-P-1874
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyPlymouth Probate & Family
CourtPlymouth Probate & Family
Court Address
Field Date02/06/2009
Close Date09/03/2015


David P. Sorrenti, EsquireKelley CollinsPlaintiff/Appellant
Ellen Mattingly, Esquire Withdrawn Patricia Michaels-Hamilton, EsquireWilliam J. CollinsDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
12/26/2014 #1 Transcripts received: volumes: 1; sets: 2 filed with brief of Kelley Collins. (See paper #7).
12/08/2014 #2 ***Financial Statements IMPOUNDED***
12/08/2014 #3 Entered.
12/08/2014 #4 Notice of entry sent.
12/08/2014 #5 Notice of appearance of David P. Sorrenti for Kelley Collins.
12/22/2014 #6 Docketing Statement received from Kelley Collins. ^
12/22/2014 #7 Notice of appearance of Patricia Michaels-Hamilton for William J. Collins.
12/24/2014 #8 MOTION to accept appellant's brief as printed, filed by Kelley Collins.
12/24/2014 #9 Notice of Impoundment pursuant to M.R.A.P 16(m), filed by Kelley Collins.
12/26/2014 #10 RE#5: The briefs are accepted for filing. *Notice.
12/26/2014 #11 SERVICE of brief & IMPOUNDED appendix (1 vol) & transcripts (1 vol) for Plaintiff/Appellant Kelley Collins.
01/12/2015 #12 MOTION to extend brief due date of William J. Collins.
01/13/2015 #13 RE#8: Allowed to 02/02/2015. Notice sent.
01/23/2015 #14 Motion for leave to file a supplemental appendix, filed by William J. Collins.
01/29/2015 #15 RE#9: Allowed. The defendant may file a supplemental record appendix with his brief. *Notice.
01/30/2015 #16 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix (1 vol) for Defendant/Appellee William J. Collins.
04/09/2015 #17 Notice sent seeking information on unavailability for oral argument in June 2015
04/17/2015 Notice of withdrawal as counsel for William J. Collins, filed by Ellen Mattingly, Esquire.
05/05/2015 Notice of 06/09/2015, 9:30 AM argument at John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 4 (a4) sent.
06/17/2015 ORDER: This appeal is from a judgment of contempt wherein a judge of the Plymouth Probate and Family Court ordered Kelley A. Collins to pay 1) $30,000 due to William Collins under a divorce decree, 2) $2,078.74 in interest on that amount, and 3) $1,000 in attorney's fees. Representations were made at oral argument that the judgment had been paid. Therefore, we ask that the parties file written responses to the following by the close of business Monday, June 29, 2015: 1.) Please state whether the contempt judgment has been satisfied in full; 2.) Provide a current docket sheet for this matter from the Plymouth Probate and Family Court; and 3.) If the judgement has indeed been satisfied, please submit a memorandum of law of no more than five pages in length (double spaced) addressing the single issue (and no other) why satisfaction of judgement does not render this matter moot. See Mullen v. Mullen, 7 Mass. App. Ct. 899, 899 (1979). To the extent the parties agree on any submission, they may file such submission jointly. (Sullivan, Maldonado & Massing, JJ.) . *Notice/Attest.
06/09/2015 Oral argument held. (Sullivan, J., Maldonado, J., Massing, J.).
06/26/2015 Written response and memorandum of law as ordered on June 17, 2015 filed by Kelley Collins