Court Case Record Jack E. Henderson Jr vs. Dr. Philip Dombrowksi 2010-P-1347 UID(6521)

Jack E. Henderson Jr vs. Dr. Philip Dombrowksi Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-P-1347

Case Number2010-P-1347
Case TitleJack E. Henderson Jr vs. Dr. Philip Dombrowksi
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtBarnstable Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date02/25/2008
Close Date11/09/2010


Jack E. Henderson JrPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Erin L. Clancy, EsquireDr. Philip DombrowksiDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
08/02/2010 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 2010-P-1346.
08/02/2010 #2 Entered.
08/02/2010 #3 Notice of entry sent.
09/13/2010 #4 Appellant's Motion to Vacate the Memorandum of Decision (as Defined Below) of Justice Robert C. Rufo and To Reinstate the Original Decision of Justice Rufo Allowing the Service of Appellant-Plaintiff's Complaint to Stand.
09/14/2010 #5 RE#2: Referred to the panel designated to decide this appeal. It is noted that appellant's brief and appendix were due 9/13/10. *Notice.
09/22/2010 #6 MOTION to Dismiss appellant's appeal or in the alternative, request that appellant be required to refile brief and appendix or for appellee to correct record appendix, filed by Dr. Philip Dombrowksi.
09/29/2010 #7 RE#3 No action necessary at this time as no brief by the appellant has yet been accepted for filing. Note that failure by the appellant to file a brief may result in dismissal of the appeal pursuant to the Court's Standing Order Concerning Dismissal of Appeals and Reports in all cases for lack of prosecution. *Notice.
10/04/2010 #8 Response to #3 filed by Jack E. Henderson Jr., with Supporting Brief.
10/04/2010 #9 Addendum to Appellant's Brief in Support of Appellant's Motion, filed by Jack E. Henderson Jr.
10/12/2010 RE#4 See Court's 10/12/10 action on paper #5. Notice.
10/12/2010 RE#5: The Court does not accept briefs that are filed piecemeal, and thus, appellant 's request to accept paper #5 is denied. None of the appellant's submissions to date (papers #2, 5) constitute a brief and appendix that are in substantial compliance with the Mass. Rules of Appellate Procedure, and are not accepted by the Court for filing as such. The appellant is to file, on or before, 11/12/10, seven copies of a brief and record appendix that are in compliance with Rules 16, 18, 19, and 20 of the Mass. Rules of Appellate Procedure. A copy of the court s pro se guide is sent to the appellant. Notice
10/12/2010 Motion to enlarge time to file conforming brief or to accept brief and addendum previously filed as nonconforming. filed by Jack E. Henderson Jr.
10/13/2010 RE#6 No action necessary. See Court's 10/12/10 action on paper #5. Appellant's brief is now due on 11/12/10. *Notice..
10/20/2010 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Jack E. Henderson Jr.
11/09/2010 MOTION to consolidate 2010-P-1346 with 2010-P1347, filed by Dr. Conrad H. Benoit (10-P-1346).
11/09/2010 MOTION to extend brief due date of Dr. Philip Dombrowksi.
11/09/2010 RE#8: Allowed. The appeal in 10-P-1346 is consolidated with the appeal in 10-P-1347. The appeal in 10-P-1347 is closed, and all future filings shall refer to 10-P-1346. The appellee's brief in the consolidated appeal is due on 12/20/10. *Notice/Attest/see image on 20-P-1346 paper #8.
11/09/2010 RE#9: No action necessary. See Court's 11/9/10 action on paper #8. *Notice.
11/09/2010 For further entries, see A.C. 10-P-1346.