Court Case Record JOHN COOPER vs. T. J. MAX & others 2011-P-1026 UID(0e04)

JOHN COOPER vs. T. J. MAX & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2011-P-1026

Case Number2011-P-1026
Case TitleJOHN COOPER vs. T. J. MAX & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date03/14/2011
Close Date11/08/2011


John CooperPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
James Michael Dunphy, Jr., EsquireT. J. MaxDefendant/Appellee
Mark W. Shaughnessy, EsquireShaw's SupermarketsDefendant/Appellee
Kwabena B. Abboa-Offei, EsquireStaples, Inc.Defendant/Appellee
Linda PrattPro Se Defendant/Appellee
Gwen A. Werner, EsquireMiddlesex Probate and Family CouDefendant/Appellee
Michelle Katheri Hinkley, EsquireBoston Police DepartmentDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
06/13/2011 #1 Mr. Cooper's appeals from the orders entered in SUCV2011-948, -956, -957, -958, -964 and -965 are hereby consolidated, his motion to waive the entry fee is allowed, and the appeals are entered this date. (Katzmann, J.).
06/13/2011 #2 Entered.
06/13/2011 #3 Notice of entry sent.
06/13/2011 #4 Motion to file non-conforming brief, filed by John Cooper.
06/13/2011 #5 RE#3: The motion to file a non-conforming brief is allowed, the propriety of which is referred to the panel designated to decide the consolidated appeal. Mr. Cooper shall serve one copy of his brief on each opposing party and file a certificate of service with this Court on or before 6/30/11. (Katzmann, J.). *Notice.
06/13/2011 #6 Memo: Mr. Cooper's briefs were filed with the court on 6/13/11, and were placed in the "Hold" drawer.
08/03/2011 #7 MOTION to Dismiss, filed by Shaw's Supermarkets and Star Market.
08/04/2011 #8 Appellees T. J. Max (sic) and Marchell's (sic) MOTION to Dismiss for a lack of prosecution.
08/04/2011 #9 RE#4: Mass. R.A.P. 19(c) provides for dismissal only for an appellant's failure "to file his brief within the time provided by this rule, or within the time as extended." The rule does not provide for dismissal for lack of service. Consequently, the motion is denied. (Rubin, J). (corrected docket entry) *Notice.
08/11/2011 #10 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by John Cooper.
08/11/2011 #11 Copy of Certificate of Service received from John Cooper.
08/19/2011 #12 MOTION to strike, filed by John Cooper.
08/23/2011 #13 RE#5: As service has been effected, no action necessary. See court's 8/23/11 action on paper #6. *Notice.
08/23/2011 #14 RE#6: Appellant's motion to enlarge time for filing his brief is treated as a motion to enlarge time for serving his brief on appellees, and is allowed, nunc pro tunc, to 8/11/11, the date of the copy of the certificate of service filed with the court. Appellant's brief is accepted for filing this date. *Notice.
08/23/2011 #15 RE#8: No action necessary as appellant's brief has been accepted for filing this date. *Notice.
08/23/2011 #16 SERVICE of brief for Plaintiff/Appellant John Cooper.
09/12/2011 #17 MOTION to Dismiss Appeal, filed by Boston Police Department.
09/15/2011 #18 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by Shaw's Supermarkets.
09/15/2011 #19 RE#11: Allowed. The supplemental appendix is accepted for filing this date. *Notice.
09/15/2011 #20 SERVICE of brief for Defendants/Appellees T. J. Max and Marchells.
09/15/2011 #21 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix for Defendant/Appellee Shaw's Supermarkets.
09/21/2011 #22 Letter from John Cooper re: Appellee's Briefs.