Court Case Record JILLIAN M. COHEN vs. BRIGHAM & WOMEN''S HOSPITAL 2010-P-1163 UID(00ae)


Court Case Number: 2010-P-1163

Case Number2010-P-1163
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date08/21/2009
Close Date07/05/2011


Jillian M. CohenPro Se Plaintiff/Appellant
Heidi M. Oh, EsquireBrigham & Women's HospitalDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
07/02/2010 #1 Prior A.C. cases involving same parties: 2010-J-0080, 2010-J-0314.
07/02/2010 #2 Entered. (Fee waived per 10-J-314)
07/02/2010 #3 Notice of entry sent.
07/14/2010 #4 MOTION to Dismiss Appeal filed by Brigham & Women's Hospital.
07/15/2010 #5 RE#2: Pursuant to MRAP 18(b), the appellant is to serve on the appellee a designation of the parts of the record that she intends to use in the appeal, as well as a statement of the issue on appeal. The appellant shall file with the Appeals Court, on or before 7/23/10, an affidavit and certificate of service evidencing the service of the designation on the appellee. The appellee will then have the opportunity to counter-designate portions of the record, including transcripts, that the appellee feels are relevant to the appeal. Any dispute as to the contents of the record on appeal shall be settled by the lower court upon motion and notice. *Notice.
07/23/2010 #6 Response pursuant to M.R.A.P. 18(b) order of this court, filed by Jillian M. Cohen.
08/02/2010 #7 Counter-designation of the record pursuant to M.R.A.P. 18(b), filed by Brigham & Women's Hospital.
09/01/2010 #8 MOTION to Dismiss, filed by Brigham & Women's Hospital.
09/07/2010 #9 RE#5 Step one of the Appeals Court Standing Order Concerning Dismissal of Appeals...for lack of prosecution shall enter forthwith.
09/08/2010 #10 Notice preceding dismissal: Standing Order Governing Dismissals for Lack of Prosecution.
09/07/2010 #11 Appellant-Plaintiff's Request for Appellant's Brief to Be On The Record pursuant to M.R.A.P. 12(b).
09/10/2010 #12 OPPOSITION to #5 filed by Jillian M. Cohen.
09/14/2010 #13 RE#6: Denied. The appellant is given until 10/08/10 to file a record appendix containing the required documents, as set forth MRAP 18(a), and any other documents deemed relevant and filed in support of the factual assertions contained in the appellant's brief. The brief shall be amended to include references to the record, pursuant to MRAP 16(a)(3). Notice
10/08/2010 #14 Appellant-Plaintiff's Emergency Motion for Leave of Court by Single Justice.
10/12/2010 #15 OPPOSITION to appellant's emergency motion for leave of court by single justice, and motion to strike appellant's non-conforming brief and appendix, and third motion to dismiss appeal, filed by Brigham & Women's Hospital.
10/12/2010 #16 RE#8: Denied. The appellant is to serve two and file seven copies of a record appendix in conformance with M.R.A.P. 18 and 20 on or before 10/29/10. Also, the appellant's brief is required to have references to the cited pages of the record appendix, per M.R.A.P. 16(a)(3), (a)(4), and 16(e). Notice
10/15/2010 RE#9 See Court's 10/12/10 action on Paper #8. The notice of service of brief and appendix on 10/12/10 are vacated as entered in error. Appellee's motion to dismiss the appeal is denied without prejudice to raising the arguments in the appellee's brief. As stated in the Court's 10/12/10 order on Paper #8, appellant is to file her conforming brief and appendix on or before 10/29/10. *Notice.
10/29/2010 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiff/Appellant Jillian M. Cohen.
11/03/2010 MOTION to strike Plaintiff-Appellant's Non-Conforming Brief and Rear Appendix, and Fourth Motion to Dismiss Appeal, filed by Brigham & Women's Hospital.
11/09/2010 RE#11: The appellee's motion to strike appellant's brief is referred to the panel designated to decide the appeal. Appellee's motion to dismiss the appeal is again denied without prejudice to raising the arguments in the appellee's brief. Appellee may seek leave to file a supplemental appendix to include the within described documents that were part of the record below. *Notice.
11/29/2010 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by Brigham & Women's Hospital.
11/29/2010 RE#12: Allowed. The Appellee's supplemental appendix is accepted for filing this date. Notice.