Court Case Record JEAN WAXMAN vs. LEE WAXMAN & others 2012-P-1021 UID(7136)

JEAN WAXMAN vs. LEE WAXMAN & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2012-P-1021

Case Number2012-P-1021
Case TitleJEAN WAXMAN vs. LEE WAXMAN & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtSuffolk Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date02/26/2008
Close Date11/22/2013


Wendy B. Jacobs, EsquireJean WaxmanPlaintiff/Appellant
Kevin G. McIntyre, EsquireLee WaxmanDefendant/Appellee
Kevin G. McIntyre, EsquireRobin WaxmanDefendant/Appellee
Aimee E. Bierman, EsquireFidelity InvestmentsDefendant/Appellee
Joyce KaufmanDefendant
Kevin G. McIntyre, EsquireRichard WaxmanDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
06/25/2012 #1 Entered.
06/25/2012 #2 Notice of entry sent.
06/26/2012 #3 Docketing Statement received from Lee Waxman, Robin Waxman, Richard Waxman (cross-appellants - fee on the way).^
06/27/2012 #4 Additional docket fee in the amount of $900 received from Kevin G. McIntyre, Esquire for Lee Waxman, Robin Waxman and Richard Waxman.
06/27/2012 #5 **** Cross Appeal ****
06/28/2012 #6 Docketing Statement received from Jean Waxman.^
07/02/2012 #7 SERVICE of 7 briefs & 7 appendices for Plaintiff/Appellant Jean Waxman.
07/26/2012 #8 MOTION to extend brief due date of Lee Waxman, Richard Waxman, Robin Waxman.
07/26/2012 #9 RE#6: Allowed to 09/05/2012. *Notice to counsel.
07/31/2012 #10 Copy of letter from Wendy Jacobs, Esq. sent to Kevin McIntyre, Esq. re: extension granted to file breif received from Wendy Jacobs.
08/29/2012 #11 MOTION to extend brief due date of Lee Waxman, Robin Waxman, & Richard Waxman.
08/29/2012 #12 RE#8: Extension to 10/05/2012 granted for filing of brief of Robin Waxman, Richard Waxman, Lee Waxman, Defendants/Appellees. It is noted that to the extent appellees seek to file a supplemental appendix, a motion to the court is required. See Mass. R.A.P. 18(a). Notice to counsel.
09/11/2012 #13 OPPOSITION to appellees' request for a second extension (paper #8), filed by Jean Waxman.
09/11/2012 #14 RE#9: The within is noted, and although the action of 8/29/12 on paper no. 8 is to stand, counsel for appellees is ordered to comply with the requirements of MRAP 13 regarding service. *Notice.
10/01/2012 #15 MOTION to file supplemental appendix, filed by Lee Waxman, Robin Waxman, Richard Waxman.
10/01/2012 #16 RE#10: Allowed for filing with the appellee's brief this date. *Notice.
10/01/2012 #17 SERVICE of brief & supplemental appendix for Defendants/Appellees Lee Waxman, Robin Waxman, Richard Waxman.
10/05/2012 #18 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Jean Waxman.
10/05/2012 #19 RE#18: Allowed to 1/2/12. *Notice.
11/14/2012 #20 Response to misrepresentations in defendants' opposition to motion to supplement the record, filed by Jean Waxman.
11/14/2012 #21 RE#19: Referred to the panel designated to decide this appeal. *Notice.^
11/19/2012 #22 MOTION for expedited appeal, filed by Jean Waxman.