Court Case Record JEAN D''ARCY & another vs. THOMAS NICKERSON & another 2013-P-0266 UID(975e)

JEAN D''ARCY & another vs. THOMAS NICKERSON & another Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2013-P-0266

Case Number2013-P-0266
Case TitleJEAN D''ARCY & another vs. THOMAS NICKERSON & another
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CountyEssex Probate & Family
CourtEssex Probate & Family
Court Address
Field Date09/21/2009
Close Date05/30/2014


Dawn E. LiVigne, EsquireJean D'ArcyPlaintiff/Appellee
Dawn E. LiVigne, EsquireJohn HoltPlaintiff/Appellee
Kimberly J. Raymond, Esquire Sheldon H. Ganz, EsquireThomas NickersonDefendant/Appellant
Mary R. Black, EsquireMary NickersonDefendant
Robert P. Powers, Esquire Withdrawn Richard G. Garmil, EsquireRichard G. GarmilOther/Appellee
Joseph HartOther interested party
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
02/13/2013 #1 Entered.
02/13/2013 #2 Notice of entry sent.
02/25/2013 #3 Letter from Joseph Hart re: he has no active involvement in this matter and no need for further notices.
03/05/2013 #4 Copy of DAR application of Thomas Nickerson.
03/06/2013 #5 Docketing Statement received from Thomas Nickerson.
03/25/2013 #6 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Thomas Nickerson.
03/26/2013 #7 RE#4: Extension to 03/26/2013 granted for filing of brief of Thomas Nickerson, Defendant/Appellant. Notice to counsel.
03/27/2013 #8 Memo: Motion to extend received by email. Rejection email sent to Attorney Kimberly J. Raymond because the case has not been assigned to a panel and the motion not subject to the standing order at this time.
03/27/2013 #9 Notice of rejection of brief of Thomas Nickerson as noncompliant. Party to refile brief within 10 days and re-serve brief on all parties, unless a motion for leave to file a non-conforming brief is allowed. *Notice sent.
03/29/2013 #10 DAR DENIED (on 03/27/2013).
04/01/2013 #11 SERVICE of brief & appendix & 2 transcripts (Appendices-Vol I & II) for Defendant/Appellant Thomas Nickerson.
05/07/2013 #12 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Richard G. Garmil.
05/09/2013 #13 RE#7: It is noted that the brief for which the extension is sought is the brief of the appellee and not a reply brief. See M.R.A.P. 16(b). Further, it is noted that Attorney Robert P. Powers is listed on the docket as attorney of record for Richard G. Garmil. Until a Motion to Withdraw is allowed or an alternate Notice of Appearance is filed, further pleadings on behalf of Richard G. Garmil not filed by Attorney Powers will not be docketed. Appellate proceedings are stayed to 6/7/13 with a status report due then regarding representation. *Notice/Richard G. Garmil.
05/13/2013 #14 Notice of withdrawal as counsel for Richard G. Garmil, filed by Robert P. Powers, Esquire.
06/07/2013 #15 Status Report, filed by Richard G. Garmil.
06/10/2013 #16 RE#9: The within is treated as appellee's notice to the court that he will be proceeding pro se in this matter. Stay vacated. Appellee's brief due on or before 7/10/13. Notice to counsel.
07/10/2013 SERVICE of brief for Other/Appellee Richard G. Garmil.
07/29/2013 SERVICE of reply brief for Defendant/Appellant Thomas Nickerson.
01/16/2014 Under consideration by Panel. (Cohen, J., Wolohojian, J., Hanlon, J.).
02/06/2014 No longer under Panel consideration. Needs to be scheduled. (Cohen, J., Wolohojian, J., Hanlon, J.).
02/06/2014 Notice of 02/19/2014, 2:00 PM argument at John Adams Courthouse, Courtroom 4 (a4) sent.
02/07/2014 Letter from Kimberly Raymond, Esq., regarding questions about notice of assembly and of parties and attorneys listed on docket, and requesting continuance of 2/19/14 oral argument because her office will be closed 2/10/14-2/21/14.@