Court Case Record JAMES MULCAHY & another vs. MASS TURNPIKE AUTHORITY & others 2000-P-0404 UID(50e1)

JAMES MULCAHY & another vs. MASS TURNPIKE AUTHORITY & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2000-P-0404

Case Number2000-P-0404
Case TitleJAMES MULCAHY & another vs. MASS TURNPIKE AUTHORITY & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtWorcester Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date05/25/1994
Close Date05/10/2002


Michael J. Reed, EsquireJames MulcahyPlaintiff/Appellant
Michael J. Reed, EsquireNoreen MulcahyPlaintiff/Appellant
Robert D. Cox, Jr., EsquireMass Turnpike AuthorityDefendant/Appellee
Robert D. Cox, Jr., Esquire Ralph T. Lepore, III, EsquireF L Roberts & Co IncDefendant/Appellee
Robert D. Cox, Jr., Esquire Ralph T. Lepore, III, EsquireExxon CorporationDefendant/Appellee
Robert D. Cox, Jr., Esquire Ralph T. Lepore, III, Esquire Alan S. Gale, EsquireMobil Oil CorporationDefendant/Appellee
William J. StackOut of state counsel
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
03/02/2000 #1 Entered.
03/02/2000 #2 MOTION to stay, filed by James & Noreen Mulahy.
03/03/2000 #3 RE#2: Case STAYED to 04/03/2000. Status report due by then. Notice sent.
04/03/2000 #4 Status Report filed by James & Noreen Mulchay.
04/03/2000 #5 RE#3: Case STAYED to 04/19/2000. Status report due that date regarding the status of the assemblies of the record for the remaining 2 appeals. Notice
04/18/2000 #6 Status Report filed by James & Noreen Mulchay.
04/18/2000 #7 RE#4: Case STAYED to 05/09/2000. Status report due by then on remaining assemblies. Notice
05/26/2000 #8 Stipulation/MOTION to consolidate 00-P-404 with 00-P-437, 473, 516, 858 and 00-P-890, filed by Parties.
05/26/2000 #9 RE#5: Treating the within as an assented to motion to consolidate, it is denied without prejudice to renewal upon a showing of good cause for the consolidation. *Notice.
06/05/2000 #10 MOTION to consolidate 2000-P-404 with 2000-P-437, 473, 516, 858 and 890, filed by James and Noreen Mulcahy.
06/06/2000 #11 RE#6 As the parties are going to file a single, unitary set of briefs and appendices for the appellants and appellees, the motion is allowed and the appeals are consolidated for briefing and oral argument. All further references shall be made to 2000-P-404. *Notice/image.
06/14/2000 #12 Motion To Establish Briefing Schedule filed by Plaintiffs'.
06/14/2000 #13 RE#7: The appellants' shall serve and file their brief and appendix on or before 7/25/00, the appellees a brief on or before 8/24/00. *Notice.
07/14/2000 SERVICE of brief & appendix for Plaintiffs/Appellants James Mulcahy & Noreen Mulcahy.
08/14/2000 SERVICE of brief for Defendants/Appellees Mass Turnpike Authority, F.L. Roberts & Co., Inc., Exxon Corp. and Mobil Oil Corp.
08/25/2000 SERVICE of reply brief for Plaintiffs/Appellants James Mulcahy and Noreen Mulcahy.
02/28/2001 Notice of change of address of attorney Ralph T. Lepore, III.
11/09/2001 Letter from Atty Michael Reed re: status of case.
11/09/2001 RE#12 The appeal should be assigned to a panel in approximately March, 2002. *Notice.
02/05/2002 Placed on January non-argument list.
02/05/2002 Under consideration by Panel. (S C CW).
04/12/2002 Decision: Rule 1:28 (S C CW). The judgments confirming the arbitration award are affirmed. *Notice. (See image on file.)