Court Case Record J. ANTON SCHIFFENHAUS & others vs. DONALD KLINE & others 2010-P-1055 UID(58d8)

J. ANTON SCHIFFENHAUS & others vs. DONALD KLINE & others Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2010-P-1055

Case Number2010-P-1055
Case TitleJ. ANTON SCHIFFENHAUS & others vs. DONALD KLINE & others
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtLand Court
Court Address
Field Date09/05/2008
Close Date11/07/2011


Brian S. Kaplan, EsquireJ. Anton SchiffenhausPlaintiff
Brian S. Kaplan, EsquireLaurence SchiffenhausPlaintiff/Appellant
Brian S. Kaplan, EsquireAlan SolomontPlaintiff
Brian S. Kaplan, EsquireSusan Lewis SolomontPlaintiff
Duane P. Landreth, EsquireDonald KlineDefendant/Appellee
Diane C. Tillotson, Esquire Duane P. Landreth, EsquireDuane P. LandrethDefendant/Appellee
E. James Veara, EsquireBoard of Appeals TruroDefendant/Appellee
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
06/14/2010 #1 Entered.
06/14/2010 #2 Notice of entry sent.
06/15/2010 #3 Additional fee of $300.00 received from Laurence Schiffenhaus.
06/15/2010 #4 **** Cross Appeal ****
06/15/2010 #5 MOTION to waive additional docket fees, filed by J. Anton Schiffenhaus, Alan Solomont and Susan Lewis Solomont.
06/21/2010 #6 The motion is allowed and the appeals of each of the plaintiffs is deemed entered on the sole docket fee presented on June 14, 2010. *Notice.
06/30/2010 #7 Motion for an enlargement of time to file Notice of Appeal, filed by Board of Appeals Truro.
07/02/2010 #8 RE#4: The motion to file a late notice of appeal is allowed, and the notice of appeal shall be filed in the trial court on or before July 16, 2010. The appellate filing fee shall be paid into the Appeals Court within 5 days of the filing of the notice of appeal. As a defendant in the underlying matter, the Board of Appeals will proceed as an Appellee/Cross Appellant, and will file its brief in accordance with the current briefing schedule or or before August 25, 2010. (Hanlon, J.) *Notice/Attest.
07/06/2010 #9 opy of DAR application of Duane P. Landreth.
07/12/2010 #10 Additional fee of $300.00 received from Board of Appeals Truro.
07/16/2010 #11 Joint motion to enlarge briefing schedule, filed by parties.
07/19/2010 #12 RE#6: Allowed to 8/16/10, for filing of appellant's brief. After each party's brief is accepted for filing, the responding party can file a motion to enlarge time, if necessary. *Notice.
08/16/2010 #13 SERVICE of brief & appendix-1 vol., 7 sets for Plaintiff/Appellant Laurence Schiffenhaus.
09/14/2010 #14 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Board of Appeals Truro.
09/22/2010 #15 MOTION to extend brief due date of Duane P. Landreth.
09/24/2010 #16 RE#9 Allowed. Appellee's brief accepted for filing this date. Notice.
09/24/2010 #17 SERVICE of brief for Defendant/Appellee Duane P. Landreth.
10/05/2010 #18 DAR DENIED (on 09/29/2010).
10/07/2010 #19 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by appellants.
10/08/2010 #20 RE#11: Allowed to 10/26/10. *Notice.
10/26/2010 #21 SERVICE of reply brief for Plaintiff/Appellant Laurence Schiffenhaus.
11/10/2010 #22 MOTION to extend reply brief due date, filed by Duane P. Landreth.