Court Case Record In the Interest of G.S, N.S. and G.S., children v. 12-18-00116-CV UID(7a40)

In the Interest of G.S, N.S. and G.S., children v. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 12-18-00116-CV

Case Number12-18-00116-CV
Case TitleIn the Interest of G.S, N.S. and G.S., children v.
Case TypeTermination of parental rights or conservatorship
StateTexas, TX
Court3rd District Court
Court AddressHonorable Mark A. Calhoon
Field Date05/09/2018
Close Date


Ms. Danna Kirk MayhallLankford, VictoriaAppellant
Ms. Amber P. SlatonThe State of TexasAppellee
Case Events
Date Event Type Disposition Document
05/09/2018 Case Information Sheet from trial court clerk filed
05/09/2018 Case ready to be set
05/09/2018 Court packet sent to parties
05/09/2018 Fee requested
05/09/2018 Notice of appeal filed in court of appeals Order requesting status of case
05/09/2018 Set for submission on briefs
05/04/2018 Motion for new trial was filed in the trial court
05/03/2018 Notice of appeal filed in trial court
04/23/2018 Judgment signed by trial court judge
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
05/14/2018 Status Record due to be filed
05/21/2018 Status Docketing statement due
06/05/2018 Status Appellant brief due
06/25/2018 Status Appellee brief due
07/16/2018 Submission Briefs
10/29/2018 Status Opinion due