Court Case Record In re Troy Paul v. 10-16-00359-CV UID(8660)

In re Troy Paul v. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 10-16-00359-CV

Case Number10-16-00359-CV
Case TitleIn re Troy Paul v.
Case TypeMandamus
StateTexas, TX
Court413th District Court
Court AddressHonorable William C. Bosworth
Field Date10/31/2016
Close Date


David E. Keltner
Curtis Pritchard
Jeffrey E. Whitfield
Shauna Wright
Matthew D. Stayton
Paul, TroyRelator
Juliana E. Morris
John R. Maclean
Kolter R. Jennings
Thomas M. Michel
W. Kelly Puls
Mark A. Haney
Spillers, DestinyReal party in interest
Bosworth, Jr., William C.Respondent
Case Events
Date Event Type Disposition Document
10/31/2016 Motion to stay disposed Grant motion
10/31/2016 Motion to stay filed
10/31/2016 Sworn record filed
10/31/2016 Petition for writ of mandamus filed
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
10/31/2016 Original Proceedings Original proceeding
11/21/2016 Status Response due