Court Case Record In re B.M.; DFCS v. J.S. H043900 UID(94f7)

In re B.M.; DFCS v. J.S. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: H043900

Case NumberH043900
Case TitleIn re B.M.; DFCS v. J.S.
Case Type
StateCalifornia, CA
CountyAll Counties
CourtAppellate Court
Court Address6th Appellate District
Field Date
Close Date5/8/2017


Elizabeth G. Morgan
Office of County Counsel
373 West Julian Street
Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95110-2319

Teri L. Robinson
Child Dependency Unit
373 W. Julian Street, Ste. 300
San Jose, CA 95110-2335

Santa Clara County Dept. of Family & Children's ServicesPlaintiff and Respondent
Valerie Newton Lankford
1833 Granada Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102

Sixth District Appellate Program
95 S. Market Street, Suite 570
San Jose, CA 95113

J. S.Defendant and Appellant
Julie E. Braden
1762 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101

B. M.Overview party
Docket (Register of Actions)
Date Description Notes
09/02/2016 Notice of appeal lodged/received.
09/02/2016 Counsel appointment order filed.
09/02/2016 Email sent to: My at superior court requesting the status on any court reporters. I informed her this notice was sent from the county counsel.
09/09/2016 Voice Mail message for: Susan Walker re is this appeal being processed?
09/12/2016 Recommendation of counsel by SDAP filed. atty Lankford
09/12/2016 Telephone conversation with: Susan Walker - the record on this appeal should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday.
09/13/2016 Record on appeal filed. C-3; R-1
10/12/2016 Motion/application to augment record filed. appellant's motion to augment
10/17/2016 Augmentation granted. (See order.) Time for filing appellant's opening brief is extended to 15 days after filing of the augmented record in this court. .
10/18/2016 Notice to reporter to prepare transcript. filed 10/18/16, D. Waller
12/01/2016 Notice to reporter sent. Record due-osc to issue. Waller
12/15/2016 Augmented record filed. R-6
12/30/2016 Returned document for non-conformance. AOB; no bookmarks
01/04/2017 Appellant's opening brief. Defendant and Appellant: J. S. Attorney: Valerie Newton Lankford STRICKEN, PER 1/26/17 ORDER.
01/23/2017 Motion filed. Appellant's motion to strike original AOB.
01/26/2017 Order filed. Appellant's motion to file an amended appellant's opening brief is granted. The clerk of this court is directed to strike the original appellant's opening brief filed on January 4, 2017 and file the amended appellant's opening brief as of the date of this order. The Sixth District Appellate Project is directed to forward the fee claim for this motion and the amended opening brief to this court for approval. Time to file respondent's brief is extended 30 days from the date of this order.
01/26/2017 Appellant's opening brief. Defendant and Appellant: J. S. Attorney: Valerie Newton Lankford AMENDED AOB.
01/31/2017 Filed recommendation for appointment of appellate attorney for child.
02/09/2017 Recommendation for appointment of appellate attorney for child granted.
02/14/2017 Requested - extension of time Respondent's brief. Requested for 03/27/2017 By 28 Day(s)
02/14/2017 Granted - extension of time. Respondent's brief. Due on 03/27/2017 By 28 Day(s) (1)
02/22/2017 Filed document entitled: conflict by SDAP for minor
Description: Affirmed in full
Date: 05/08/2017
Disposition Type: Final The orders are affirmed. (ndm, fde, pbm)
Publication Status: Signed Unpublished
Author: Mihara, Nathan D.
Participants: Elia, Franklin D. (Concur) Bamattre-Manoukian, Patricia (Concur)
Case Citation: none