Court Case Record In The Matter of Felicia Lorraine Howells 18S-DI-00487 UID(31e1)

In The Matter of Felicia Lorraine Howells Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 18S-DI-00487

Case Number18S-DI-00487
Case TitleIn The Matter of Felicia Lorraine Howells
Case TypeAttorney Discipline
StateIndiana, IN
CountyAll Counties
CourtSupreme Court
Court Address
Phone(317) 232-1930
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Chronological Case Summary
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10/3/2018 Order to Show Cause Order - Show Cause Being duly advised, the Court now ORDERS, pursuant to Admission and Discipline Rule 23(10.1)(c)(1), that Respondent show cause in writing, within ten days of service of this order, why Respondent should not be suspended immediately from the practice of law in this state due to failure to cooperate with the Commission's investigation of a grievance filed against her, and should not be ordered to pay reimbursement to the Commission of $500 plus actual expenses incurred by the Commission pursuant to Rule 23(10.1)(d). Judicial Officer: Rush, Loretta H. Party: Disciplinary Commission Serve: Howells, Felicia Serve: Witte, Gordon File Stamp: 10/03/2018
10/3/2018 Certified Mail A certified copy of the order issued on 10/03/18 was sent by certified mail, return receipt to Felicia Howells on 10/03/18. Receipt No.: 7018 0680 0000 8414 5572
10/3/2018 Document Transmitted
10/2/2018 Show Cause Petition Certificate of Service-Mailed 10/02/2018 Attorney: Witte, Gordon Party: Disciplinary Commission File Stamp: 10/02/2018