Court Case Record In The Matter of Ben Tyler Caughey 49S00-1602-DI-00101 UID(9ff3)

In The Matter of Ben Tyler Caughey Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 49S00-1602-DI-00101

Case Number49S00-1602-DI-00101
Case TitleIn The Matter of Ben Tyler Caughey
Case TypeAttorney Discipline
StateIndiana, IN
CourtSupreme Court
Court Address
Phone(317) 232-1930
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Chronological Case Summary
Date Event Details Doc
6/22/2016 Document Transmitted
6/17/2016 Retransmission of Order Order -Suspension
6/17/2016 Document Transmitted
5/25/2016 Appearance Attorney: McShane, Kevin Party: Caughey, Ben Certificate of Service-Mailed 01/09/2013
5/19/2016 Document Filed Party: McShane, Kevin Verified Response and Objection to Notice of Finding of Guilt and Request for Suspension. Certificate of Service-Mailed 03/09/2016
5/18/2016 Document Filed Party: Witte, Gordon Notice of Finding of Guilt and Request for Suspension Certificate of Service-Mailed 02/24/2016
5/16/2016 Document Filed Attorney: McShane, Kevin Party: Caughey, Ben Answer to Verified Complaint for Disciplinary Action Certificate of Service-Mailed 06/22/2016
5/9/2016 Disciplinary Complaint Attorney: Griffith, David
5/6/2016 Disciplinary Commission Summons
5/6/2016 Document Filed Attorney: Caughey, Ben Party: Caughey, Ben Affidavit of Compliance With Admission and Discipline Rule 23 (26)
5/6/2016 Receipt of Delivery Name of Recipient: illegible Date of Receipt: 5/13/16
5/6/2016 Mail Returned as Undeliverable Recipient: Ryan Dillon of the Johnson County Bar Association Reason: Return to Sender, Not Deliverable as Addressed, and Unable to Forward Name of Document: Order sent by mail on 05/06/16 Order resent to the business address listed in the Roll of Attorneys on 05/18/16.
5/6/2016 Document Transmitted
3/9/2016 Certified Mail Certified copy of the 5/6/16 order sent to respondent by certified mail. Reciept no. 70153430000114034211
3/9/2016 Retransmission of Order Order -Suspension
2/24/2016 Order of Interim Suspension Upon Notice of Guilty Finding Order -Suspension Judicial Officer: Rush, Loretta H. Party: Disciplinary Commission Serve: McShane, Kevin Serve: Witte, Gordon IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Respondent is suspended from the practice of law in this State, effective immediately.