Court Case Record In Re Oxbow Calcining LLC v. 09-18-00273-CV UID(bf51)

In Re Oxbow Calcining LLC v. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 09-18-00273-CV

Case Number09-18-00273-CV
Case TitleIn Re Oxbow Calcining LLC v.
Case TypeMandamus
StateTexas, TX
Court172nd District Court
Court AddressHonorable Donald Floyd
Field Date07/18/2018
Close Date


S. Loyd Neal III
Zona Jones
Brian D. Sutton
James A. Dunn
Port Arthur Steam Energy, L.P.Real party in interest
Kevin Thomas Jacobs
Toby Nash
Amy Pharr Hefley
Cornelius M. Sweers
Guy Goodson
Michael S. Goldberg
Kate K. Leverett
Oxbow Calcining LLCRelator
Case Events
Date Event Type Disposition Document
07/20/2018 Original Proceeding reply to response filed
07/20/2018 Order entered
07/20/2018 Appendix filed
07/20/2018 Original Proceeding response filed
07/19/2018 Sworn record filed
07/19/2018 Response requested by the court
07/18/2018 Motion for emergency relief filed
07/18/2018 Sworn record filed
07/18/2018 Petition for writ of mandamus filed
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
07/18/2018 Original Proceedings Mandamus
07/30/2018 Status Response due