Court Case Record In Re: Jeffory Blackard v. 05-17-00093-CV UID(6e43)

In Re: Jeffory Blackard v. Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 05-17-00093-CV

Case Number05-17-00093-CV
Case TitleIn Re: Jeffory Blackard v.
Case TypeMandamus
StateTexas, TX
Court380th Judicial District Court
Court AddressHonorable Mark Greenberg
Field Date01/30/2017
Close Date


Joseph McGroder
Austin Champion
Scott L. Harper
Edward D. Greim
Todd Graves
Blackard, JefforyRelator
J. Gregory HudsonKeith Self, Susan Fletcher, Cheryl Williams, Chris Hill, and Duncan WebbReal party in interest
David M. FeldmanKent Schaffer, Brian Wice, and Nichole DeBordeReal party in interest
Robert J. DavisMay, JeffReal party in interest
Case Events
Date Event Type Disposition Document
01/30/2017 Appearance of counsel
01/30/2017 Appearance of counsel
01/30/2017 Appearance of counsel
01/30/2017 Motion for emergency relief disposed Motion or Writ Granted
01/30/2017 Petition for temporary injunction filed
Set Date Calendar Type Reason Set
01/30/2017 Original Proceedings Original proceeding
02/09/2017 Original Proceedings Response due