Court Case Record IN RE: Joshua Curtis 2011-P-1059 UID(bc24)

IN RE: Joshua Curtis Court Case Record

Court Case Number: 2011-P-1059

Case Number2011-P-1059
Case TitleIN RE: Joshua Curtis
Case TypeCivil
StateMassachusetts, MA
CourtMiddlesex Superior Court
Court Address
Field Date05/14/2010
Close Date06/08/2012


John O. Postl, EsquireJoshua CurtisPetitioner/Appellee
Patrick M. McAvoy, Esquire Kevin C. Cain, EsquireClaudia DalrympleGuardian ad litem/Appellant
Entry Date Paper Entry Text
06/16/2011 #1 Entered.
06/16/2011 #2 Notice of entry sent.
06/16/2011 #3 Additional docket fee in the amount of $300 received from John O. Postl, Esquire for Joshua Curtis.
06/16/2011 #4 **** Cross Appeal ****
06/24/2011 #5 Docketing Statement received from Joshua Curtis.
06/28/2011 #6 Docketing Statement received from Claudia Dalrymple.
07/14/2011 #7 MOTION to extend brief & appendix due date, filed by Claudia Dalrymple.
07/15/2011 #8 RE#5: Pursuant to MRAP 16(i), in cases involving cross-appeals, "if a cross appeal is filed, the plaintiff in the court below shall be deemed the appellant . . . unless the parties otherwise agree or the court orders otherwise." Accordingly, Claudia Dalrymple, as the defendant in the trial court, is for purposes of this appeal the appellee/cross appellant. The motion is therefore denied without prejudice to renewal at the time of the filing of the appellant's brief, if necessary, or in the alternative, with a stipulation of the parties made pursuant to MRAP 16(i). . *Notice.
07/19/2011 #9 Stipulation in accordance with Mass .R. App .P. 16(i), filed by Joshua Curtis, Claudia Dalrymple.
07/19/2011 #10 Assent to paper #5, filed by Joshua Curtis
07/26/2011 #11 RE#6: The within stipulation is approved. The defendant, Claudia Dalrymple, is deemed the appellant for purposes of M.R.A.P. 16. Appellant's brief is due on or before 8/31/11. *Notice/Attest.
08/31/2011 #12 SERVICE of brief & appendix-2 vols., 7 sets for Plaintiff/Appellant Claudia Dalrymple.
09/27/2011 SERVICE of brief for Petitioner/Appellee Joshua Curtis.
10/14/2011 SERVICE of reply brief for Guardian ad litem/Appellant Claudia Dalrymple.
11/08/2011 MOTION to strike reply brief, filed by Joshua Curtis.
11/08/2011 RE#11: Referred to the panel designated to decide this appeal. *Notice
02/27/2012 Under consideration by Panel. (Sikora, J., Carhart, J., Sullivan, J.).
05/11/2012 REVISED ACTION RE#11: Denied. (Sikora, Carhart & Sullivan, JJ.). *Notice.
05/11/2012 Decision: Rule 1:28 The judgment is modified to replace $1,125with $700 as the amount of damages on Curtis's complaint for contempt, and asso modified, the judgment is affirmed.(Sikora, Carhart, Sullivan, JJ.). *Notice.
06/08/2012 RESCRIPT to Trial Court.